A Call for a Global Summit to End the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Global COVID Summit – Proposed for UN General Assembly, Sep 2021

A Call for a Global Summit to End the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dear World Leaders Attending the 2021 UN General Assembly:
The world is at a perilous and urgent moment in the COVID-19 pandemic. The Delta variant has spread
rapidly to more than 130 countries, demonstrating that we are fighting a virus that doesn’t respect
borders and advances rapidly across continents.

The best way to prevent further catastrophe is to dramatically decrease worldwide cases and slow
transmission of the virus through widespread global vaccination, combined with other public health
measures. However, inequitable access to high-quality vaccines and capacity to administer them is prolonging the pandemic and destabilizing economies and societies around the world.

Therefore, we call on world leaders to convene a global summit during this year’s United Nations General Assembly and commit to actions to make 7 billion doses of high-quality vaccines available before the end of 2021 and an additional 7 billion doses by mid-2022; ensure that every country is ready to implement equitable vaccination programs at scale by the end of this year; and vaccinate 70 percent of the world’s population by mid-2022. People everywhere should also have equitable access to tests, therapies, and other proven interventions so lives can be saved using all COVID-19 tools.

A global pandemic needs a global plan of attack. The summit should secure the commitments and actions needed to close the vaccine supply, financing and capacity gaps. Very soon there will be enough supply of high-quality vaccines to assure that all countries can meet the needs of their own citizens and also engage in a global effort to vaccinate everyone. Urgent actions must be taken to increase countries’ distribution and delivery capabilities, which are poised to become the key constraint in the race between vaccines and variants. That is why we need a comprehensive response to the current crisis, which will also strengthen health systems and preparedness for the next pandemic…

“Endorsed by a broad coalition of leaders and organizations” [listing here.]



Biden to Call for Vaccine Conference at UN Amid Shot Scarcity
By Josh Wingrove and David Wainer
Bloomberg, September 8, 2021, 7:07 PM EDT
:: With virus spreading, Covax program cuts its supply forecast
:: Advocates say U.S. pledge of 600 million doses is not enough
President Joe Biden plans to call for a meeting on global vaccine supply to be held at the United Nations General Assembly later this month, as wealthy nations face pressure to do more to bolster inoculations for developing countries, according to people familiar with the matter.
Biden intends to host a session during the UN meetings, though the scope and the attendees aren’t yet clear. While the U.S. has been reaching out to other countries about participating in the session, it hasn’t finalized its plans, the people said…



Editor’s Note:
U.S. President Biden’s announcement of the Path Out of the Pandemic action plan on 9 September did not include the anticipated announcement of a global COVID summit to be convened during the upcoming UN General Assembly (UNGA 76) – 14-30 September 2021 in New York.

The closing text of the plan ̶ which notably included a number of national-level COVID vaccination mandates affecting employees of the U.S. federal government and private commercial organizations ̶ noted only: “… In the weeks ahead, the President will announce additional steps to build on the progress the Administration has made to combat this pandemic globally…”