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[Accessed 18 Sep 2021]

Selected Content
A Vaccination Simulator for COVID-19: Effective and Sterilizing Immunization Cases.
Aknur Karabay, Askat Kuzdeuov, Shyryn Ospanova, Michael Lewis, Atakan Huseyin Varol
medRxiv 2021.03.28.21254468; doi: Revision

The prevalence of adaptive immunity to COVID-19 and reinfection after recovery, a comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis of 12 011 447 individuals
Tawanda Chivese, Joshua Matizanadzo, Omran Musa, George Hindy, Luis Furuya-Kanamori, Nazmul Islam, Rafal Al-Shebly, Rana Shalaby, Mohammad Habibullah, Talal Al-Marwani, Rizeq F Hourani, Ahmed D Nawaz, Mohammad Haider, Mohamed M Emara, Farhan Cyprian, Suhail A. R. Doi
medRxiv 2021.09.03.21263103; doi:

COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness against hospitalizations and ICU admissions in the Netherlands, April- August 2021
Brechje de Gier, Marjolein Kooijman, Jeanet Kemmeren, Nicolette de Keizer, Dave Dongelmans, Senna C.J.L. van Iersel, Jan van de Kassteele, Stijn P. Andeweg, the RIVM COVID-19 epidemiology and surveillance team, Hester E. de Melker, Susan J.M. Hahné, Mirjam J. Knol, Susan van den Hof
medRxiv 2021.09.15.21263613; doi:

Efficacy of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine against severe COVID-19 in those with risk conditions and residual risk to the clinically extremely vulnerable: the REACT-SCOT case-control study
Paul M McKeigue, David A McAllister, Chris Robertson, Sharon Hutchinson, Stuart McGurnaghan, Diane Stockton, Helen M Colhoun, for the PHS COVID-19 Epidemiology and Research Cell
medRxiv 2021.09.13.21262360; doi:

Interrogating COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in the Philippines with a Nationwide Open-Access Online Survey
Alexandria Caple, Arnie O. Dimaano, Marc Martin C. Sagolili, April Anne M. Uy, Panjee Mariel G. Aguirre, Dean Lotus C. Alano, Giselle Sophia M. Camaya, Brent John A. Ciriaco, Princess Jerah S. Clavo, Dominic G. Cuyugan, Cleinne Florence Geeseler V. Fermo, Paul Jeremy C. Lanete, Ardwayne Jurel D. La Torre, Thomas Albert T. Loteyro, Raisa Mikaela Lua, Nicole Gayle R. Manansala, Raphael Willard M. Mosquito, Alexa Marie C. Octaviano, Alexandra Erika T. Orfanel, Gheyanna Merly U. Pascual, Aubrey Joy S. Sale, Sophia Lorraine S. Tendenilla, Maria Sofia Lauren R. Trinidad, Nicole Jan S. Trinidad, Daphne Louise V. Verano, Nicanor Austriaco
medRxiv 2021.09.11.21263428; doi:

Efficacy of vaccination against severe COVID-19 in relation to Delta variant and time since second dose: the REACT-SCOT case-control study
Paul M McKeigue, David A McAllister, Sharon J Hutchinson, Chris Robertson, Diane Stockton, Helen M Colhoun, for the PHS COVID-19 Epidemiology and Research Cell
medRxiv 2021.09.12.21263448; doi:

Effectiveness of Mass Vaccination in Brazil against Severe COVID-19 Cases
Daniel A.M. Villela, Tatiana Guimarães de Noronha, Leonardo S. Bastos, Antonio G. Pacheco, Oswaldo G Cruz, Luiz Max Carvalho, Claudia Torres Codeço, Marcelo Ferreira da Costa Gomes, Flávio Codeço Coelho, Laís Picinini Freitas, Raquel Martins Lana, Victor Bertollo Gomes Porto, Luiz Antônio Bastos Camacho, Claudio José Struchiner
medRxiv 2021.09.10.21263084; doi:

Safety, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of COVID-19 Vaccine in Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review
Meng Lv, Xufei Luo, Quan Shen, Ruobing Lei, Xiao Liu, Enmei Liu, Qiu Li, Yaolong Chen
medRxiv 2021.09.11.21262855; doi:

Predictors of real-world parents’ acceptance to vaccinate their children against the COVID-19
Petros Galanis, Irene Vraka, Olga Siskou, Olympia Konstantakopoulou, Aglaia Katsiroumpa, Ioannis Moisoglou, Daphne Kaitelidou
medRxiv 2021.09.12.21263456; doi: