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Brookings [to 2 Oct 2021]
For COVID-19 vaccinations, party affiliation matters more than race and ethnicity
William A. Galston
Friday, October 1, 2021
Center for Global Development [to 2 Oct 2021]
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COVID-19 Vaccines: The Latest Airfinity Estimates
Event 10/4/21
Airfinity is producing the most-referenced, real-time estimates of COVID-19 vaccine production, purchasing, stockpiling, expiry and delivery. As ministers of finance join the World Bank-IMF meetings this week, we discuss Airfinity’s latest estimates showing a rapid upwards trend in production as well as a normalization of vaccine manufacturing and supply chains in the coming months; their work also highlights the extent of stockpiling by high-income country governments, the risks of massive wastage related to expiry dates, as well as the mismatch between vaccine delivery timelines and needs in countries with low vaccination rates and high case fatality rates.
Join us at CGD for a presentation and discussion with Rasmus Hansen, CEO and Founder of Airfinity, on the key facts and issues for finance leaders related to vaccines as they consider priorities over the coming months.

COVID-19 Stocktake and the Hurdles to Vaccine Access Across Africa
Event 10/5/21
The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed up to 40 million Africans into extreme poverty and the continent experienced its first recession in half a century. Global vaccination efforts have left Africa behind: less than two percent of the African population has been vaccinated compared to over 70 percent in the European Union. As Delta and other emerging variants present new challenges for Africa, COVID-19 deaths have surged, hospital admissions have increased rapidly, and countries face shortages of oxygen and intensive care beds. During this high-level event, we will discuss the impact COVID-19 continues to have across Africa and the necessary measures the international community should take to address the emerging dangerous divergence between advanced and lower income economies. We hope to set the tone for conversations surrounding these challenging issues during the World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings.
Chatham House [to 2 Oct 2021]
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Critical Questions
China Is Exploiting the Pandemic to Advance Its Interests, with Mixed Results
September 30, 2021 | By Bonny Lin, Matthew P. Funaiole , Brian Hart, Hannah Price


Kaiser Family Foundation
September 30, 2021 News Release
Nearly Half of Parents of Adolescents Ages 12-17 Say Their Child Got a COVID-19 Vaccine Already; a Third of Parents of Children Ages 5-11 Say Their Child Will Get Vaccinated “Right Away” Once Eligible
Nearly half (48%) of parents of vaccine-eligible children ages 12-17 now say their child has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, a new KFF Vaccine Monitor report shows. Another 15% of those parents now say they want to “wait and see” how the vaccine works for others…

September 28, 2021 News Release
Surging Delta Variant Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths Are Biggest Drivers Of Recent Uptick in U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Rates
Large Majorities of Americans, Both Vaccinated and Not, Say COVID-19 is Likely to Persist at Lower Levels and Be Something the U.S. Will “Learn to Live With” like Seasonal Flu More than 7 in 10 adults (72%) in the U.S. now report that they are at least partially vaccinated against…

September 27, 2021 News Release
As PEPFAR Nears its Two-Decade Mark, New Analysis Finds That Mortality Declined Substantially in PEPFAR Countries Over the Course of the Program
A new KFF analysis finds the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) program was associated with large declines in mortality in PEPFAR recipient countries since its creation in 2003. The new analysis takes a closer look at PEPFAR’s health impact by assessing the all-cause mortality rate in 90 PEPFAR…
Rockefeller Foundation [to 2 Oct 2021]
Selected Reports/Press Releases
Sep 23 2021
Press Releases
Pastors, Partners and Pop-ups: Report Shows Best Practices for Covid-19 Vaccination, Testing in Underserved Communities
Public health professionals in seven U.S. cities and states share how they increased vaccination and testing rates among their communities where rates were lowest New York | September 23, 2021 — …