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Editor’s Note:
As readers absorb the WHO-UN world COVID vaccination targets announcement just below with its summary of imperatives, we urge a careful reading of the underlying technical document referenced in the concluding Note to Editors : The Global COVID-19 Vaccination – Strategic Vision for 2022 Technical Document [15 September 2021].

This 92-page technical document represents important work to be sure, but our initial assessment is that it lacks any material discussion of scenarios/outcomes beyond 2022 – indeed there seems to be literally no instance where 2023-2025 or beyond is discussed or analyzed [except for a reference to an IMF projection on 2025 economic impacts].


We invite anyone to correct our understanding, but it is entirely unclear what the 2023-25 scenarios may be if, indeed, the 70% vaccination target is achieved at some point during 2022. This is startling…

We repeat our interest in access to modelling which engages scenarios and articulates imperatives around a COVID-19 pandemic end-game through at least a 2025 horizon. If we have missed such modeling in progress, we would be delighted to be advised of it and will include it in our coverage.