Think Tanks et al

Think Tanks et al
Brookings [to 16 Oct 2021]
Amid the pandemic, Black and Latino men have experienced the largest drop in life expectancy
Andre M. Perry, Ariel Gelrud Shiro, Anthony Barr, and Carl Romer
Monday, October 11, 2021
Center for Global Development [to 16 Oct 2021]
Accessed 16 Oct 2021
Four Pandemic Asks for IDA20 Replenishment at the World Bank
October 13, 2021
The World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA), the largest single source of concessional financing for development in lower-income countries, is under-utilized in the world’s fight against pandemics, and can deploy its resources and expertise to play a much more significant role in the COVID-19 response and beyond as part of its upcoming replenishment, known as IDA20.
Amanda Glassman

The Roots of Policy Incoherence: Domestic Policy, Global Public Goods, and International Development
October 12, 2021
Governments make policy to affect three domains: domestic outcomes, outcomes in foreign countries, and shared global challenges. This note sets out how the conceptual and analytical incoherence of policy set in developed countries across these three domains undermines their own effectiveness—most notably on international development and shared global challenges.
Chatham House [to 16 Oct 2021]
Accessed 16 Oct 2021
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Accessed 16 Oct 2021
Allied Infrastructure Strategy in the Indo-Pacific
October 15, 2021

What Next? Looking Beyond the Covid-19 Summit
October 14, 2021

Kaiser Family Foundation
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ODI [Overseas Development Institute] [to 16 Oct 2021]
What MDBs (and their shareholders) can do for vaccine equity
06 October 2021
In late 2020 the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (AsDB) announced large-scale financing packages to help the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines in low- and middle-income countries. But despite the urgency of doing this to bring the global pandemic to an end, the uptake of these financing packages has so far been slow. Why are committed funds sitting idle at the same time that vaccination programmes are a priority in many countries battling new waves of Covid-19 infections? And at the same time as many activists and world leaders call on G7 leaders to ramp up their contributions to the global vaccination effort?

In this long-read we review some of the factors and bottlenecks that can plausibly explain this low uptake of MDB financing for vaccine purchases from governments in low-and middle-income countries. More importantly, we outline what management and shareholders of MDBs should do to ramp up the use of these financing facilities or deploy resources to support the health response against Covid-19. The fundamental issue has been between the country-based lending model of MDBs and the need to finance and procure a global public good (a low-cost vaccine). MDBs thus need a clearer mandate and dedicated grant financing for global public goods, including vaccine procurement.