COVID-19 Data Explorer: Global Humanitarian Operations

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COVID-19 Data Explorer: Global Humanitarian Operations
COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out
23 Oct 2021 | COVAX (WHO,GAVI,CEPI), UNDESA, Press Reports | DATA
Global COVID-19 Figures: 239M total confirmed cases; 4.9M total confirmed deaths
Global vaccines administered: 6.64B
Number of Countries: 29 [29 week ago]
COVAX Allocations Round 4-6 (Number of Doses): 120M [120M week ago]
COVAX Delivered (Number of Doses): 120M [110M week ago]
Other Delivered (Number of Doses): 200M [190M week ago]
Total Delivered (Number of Doses): 320M [300M week ago]
Total Administered (Number of Doses): 2560M [240M week ago]