Ethical Decision-Making in Humanitarian Medicine: How Best to Prepare?

Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness
Volume 15 – Issue 4 – August 2021


Concepts in Disaster Medicine
Ethical Decision-Making in Humanitarian Medicine: How Best to Prepare?
Kadri Simm
Published online by Cambridge University Press: 13 April 2020, pp. 499-503
Ethical decision-making during humanitarian medical response is a topic of great moral as well as practical importance. The context of humanitarian disasters, often characterized by acute time-pressure, lack of resources, the unfamiliarity of circumstances, is stressful for medical professionals. The overall aim of this article is pragmatic, to introduce briefly the importance and context for preparing medical disaster response personnel for ethical decision-making and then to provide a discussion case and explain the particular value-reflection methodology. The focus of methodology is on providing space for the emotional and stressful aspects of ethics training for disasters.