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Brookings [to 30 Oct 2021]
Terrorism & Extremism
From anti-vaxxer moms to militia men: Influence operations, narrative weaponization, and the fracturing of American identity
Dana Beth Weinberg and Jessica Dawson
October 2021
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Resilience in the Asia Pacific: Vaccines and the “triple challenge”
Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Center for Global Development [to 30 Oct 2021]
Accessed 30 Oct 2021
Most Refugees Live in Cities, Not Camps. Our Response Needs to Shift
October 29, 2021
When most people think about refugees, they think of sprawling camps separated from the rest of society. But in reality, today—World Cities Day—over 60 percent of the world’s 26.4 million refugees and around half of the world’s 48 million IDPs live in urban areas, mostly in low- and middle-income countries.
Anneleen Vos and Helen Dempster

Lessons for R&D and Manufacturing Investment for Equitable COVID-19 and Pandemic Response
October 28, 2021
We conducted a joint review of the portfolio management activities of the committee overseeing COVAX R&D and manufacturing investments, known as RDMIC (R&D and Manufacturing Investment Committee). Our aim was to assess learnings from investments to date and suggest ways to strengthen future global health security preparedness and prevent the inequities observed in the COVID-19 response from repeating.
Amanda Glassman et al.

What We Know and Still Don’t Know: Progress and Challenges in the Quest for Transparency to Ensure Equity in the COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment
After earlier calls for transparency in the global deployment of COVID-19 vaccine, we’ve seen progress: in addition to UNICEF’s COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard launched in December 2020, the Task Force on COVID-19 Vaccines, Therapeutics, and Diagnostics – launched in June 2021 – houses a central repository with (partial) data on vaccine purchasing and deployment; (some) governments have released (few) contract details; and (select) manufacturers have contributed their designs to technology transfer hubs to facilitate the scale-up of production. But these steps have been small and limited. The overwhelming lack of information on COVID-19 vaccine research and development, manufacturing, contracts, and deployment in the public domain still leads to unpredictable delivery times, wasted doses, high purchasing prices in low- and middle-income countries, and inequitable distribution.
Chatham House [to 30 Oct 2021]
Accessed 30 Oct 2021
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Accessed 30 Oct 2021
Podcast Episode
The Case for Routine Immunizations within Health Emergency Response
October 26, 2021 | By Katherine E. Bliss

Kaiser Family Foundation
October 28, 2021 News Release
1 in 4 Workers Say Their Employer Required Them to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine, Up Since June; 5% of Unvaccinated Adults Say They Left a Job Due to a Vaccine Requirement
Most Parents Say Their Kids Will Go Trick-or-Treating for Halloween; 1 in 8 Won’t Due to COVID-19 With the Biden administration moving to require large employers to require COVID-19 vaccinations and require weekly testing for unvaccinated workers, the latest KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor report finds a quarter (25%) of workers…

October 25, 2021 News Release
Policy Considerations as Children Ages 5-11 Become Eligible for the COVID-19 Vaccine
A new KFF issue brief lays out key factors for the successful rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations for younger children, ages 5 to 11. This week, the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) advisory committee will meet to vote on a request to authorize the Pfizer vaccine for younger children. A final…
ODI [Overseas Development Institute] [to 30 Oct 2021]
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