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Brookings [to 13 Nov 2021]
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Center for Global Development [to 13 Nov 2021]
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Why I’m Embarrassed to Receive a COVID Booster
November 12, 2021
Obviously, an ethical vaccine distribution would start with a far more equitable sharing of vaccines between rich and less-rich nations. More pragmatically, the current huge imbalance in the global distribution of shots invites another outbreak of a new variant, against which the US and other high-income countries cannot insulate themselves.
Nancy Birdsall

Staffing Shortages in the UK’s Care Sector: A Sign of Things to Come
November 11, 2021
Today the UK government’s new policy of mandatory vaccination for care home workers takes effect. By the government’s own reckoning this could result in up to 12 percent  of workers in residential care settings leaving their jobs. How worried should we be about staff shortages in the care sector? In short, very.
Claire Kumar and Helen Dempster

Financing our Global Health Commons
COVID-19 will likely be a forerunner of future catastrophic pandemics, fueled by global warming and biodiversity losses, unless significant new investments and reforms are urgently made to bolster capacities and resilient adaptative systems for pandemic preparedness and rapid response. This session will present the conclusions and recommendations of the G20 High Level Independent panel on financing the global commons for pandemic preparedness and control, highlighting the interconnectedness of the pandemic preparedness and the climate change agenda
Chatham House [to 13 Nov 2021]
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Upcoming Event
COVAX Past, Present, and Future: A Conversation with Dr. Seth Berkley
November 15, 2021

Adapting Covid-19 Innovations to Accelerate Progress toward Meeting Global Tuberculosis Goals
November 12, 2021 | By Katherine E. Bliss

Kaiser Family Foundation
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November 8, 2021 News Release
COVID-19 Misinformation is Ubiquitous: 78% of the Public Believes or is Unsure About At Least One False Statement, and Nearly a Third Believe At Least Four of Eight False Statements Tested
Most People Who Trust Network and Local Television, CNN, MSNBC and NPR on COVID-19 Believe Little or No Misinformation; Larger Shares Who Trust Newsmax, One American News, and Fox News Hold Many Misconceptions More than three quarters (78%) of U.S. adults either believe or aren’t sure about at least one…
ODI [Overseas Development Institute] [to 13 Nov 2021]
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