Africa CDC [to 11 Dec 2021]

Africa CDC [to 11 Dec 2021]
Press Releases
Progress made so far in implementing the Partnerships for African Vaccine Manufacturing (PAVM) – Framework for Action. Kigali, Rwanda, 06-07 December 2021
Kigali, 06 December 2021. The 39th Ordinary Session of the African Union’s Executive Council decision EX.CL/Dec. 1129 (XXXIX) recognized the Partnerships for African Vaccine Manufacturing PAVM as the coordinating mechanism and its leadership of the development of a continental vaccine manufacturing strategy and a framework for action. The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) and its partners have led the establishment of the PAVM with a clear mandate, operating model and governance structure. The four core mandates of the PAVM are to:
Steward a continental strategy that maintains scale and cost-competitiveness of local manufacturing and promotes equity and security for all
Support partnerships to create a conducive business environment that will encourage the emergence of a thriving manufacturing base
Play intermediation and partner role between Member States and the global community of supporters on an as-needed basis
Communicate updates and serve as the central source of information for Africa vaccine manufacturing