Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of the Congo
16 December 2021
On 16 December 2021, the Ministry of Health (MoH) of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) declared the end of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak that affected Beni Health Zone (HZ) in North Kivu Province, DRC. The declaration was made in accordance with WHO recommendations , 42-days after the second negative test of the last confirmed case.
Between 8 October to 16 December, a total of 11 cases (eight confirmed, three probable) including nine deaths and two survivors have been reported from Beni HZ. Of the nine deaths, seven were in the community and two occurred at the Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC). The overall case fatality ratio (CFR) is 82% (9/11) among total cases while 75% (6/8) among confirmed cases.
This outbreak was declared on 8 October 2021 when the index case; a 3-year-old boy developed symptoms including physical weakness, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, breathing difficulty, dark stool and blood in their vomit and later died on 6 October (for more details, please see the Disease Outbreak News published on 10 October 2021)…