Organization Announcements



Organization Announcements
Editor’s Note:
Careful readers will note that the number and range of organizations now monitored in our Announcements section below has grown as the impacts of the pandemic have spread across global economies, supply chains and programmatic activity of multilateral agencies and INGOs.

Airfinity [to 22 Jan 2022]
COVID-19 vaccine market forecast to grow 29% to $84.9B in 2022, according to Airfinity
Published by Airfinity
Jan 20, 2022
Airfinity forecasts the COVID-19 vaccine market is expected to reach $65.6B in 2021 and grow to $84.9B in 2022, a 29% growth. This excludes both the Chinese vaccines and market.
Our analysis predicts the 2022 market will be dominated by mRNA vaccines. Pfizer/BioNTech is expected to generate $42.7B and Moderna $25.7B. AstraZeneca is expected to be the third largest revenue generating vaccine with $4.3B in revenue, followed by J&J with $3.5B.
This would make the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccine the two best selling medical products in 2022…

Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group [to 22 Jan 2022]
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BARDA – U.S. Department of HHS [to 22 Jan 2022]
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BMGF – Gates Foundation [to 22 Jan 2022]
Press Releases and Statements
Press release Jan 18, 2022
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Wellcome Pledge US$300 Million to CEPI for COVID-19 Pandemic Response and to Accelerate Epidemic Preparedness
[See COVID Perspectives above for detail]

Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute [to 22 Jan 2022]
The Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute is a non-profit biotech organization. Our mission is to develop products to fight malaria, tuberculosis, and diarrheal diseases—three major causes of mortality, poverty, and inequality in developing countries. The world has unprecedented scientific tools at its disposal; now is the time to use them to save the lives of the world’s poorest people
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CARB-X [to 22 Jan 2022]
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Center for Vaccine Ethics and Policy – GE2P2 Global Foundation [to 22 Jan 2022]
:: Past weekly editions and posting of all segments of Vaccines and Global Health: The Week in Review are available here.
:: Informed Consent: A Monthly Review – January 2022 is now posted here
CEPI – Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations [to 22 Jan 2022]
Latest News
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Wellcome pledge $300 million to CEPI to fight COVID-19 and combat threat of future pandemics
New funding commitments will support CEPI’s goal to condense new vaccine development timelines to 100 days, a third of the time it took to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.
19 Jan 2022
[See COVID Perspectives above for detail]

CEPI and Institut Pasteur de Dakar partner to advance COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing in Africa
In its initial phase, the new modular facility will manufacture up to 300 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine annually for use on the continent.
18 Jan 2022
[See COVID Perspectives above for detail]
DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [U.S.] [to 22 Jan 2022
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Duke Global Health Innovation Center [to 22 Jan 2022]
Our Blog
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EDCTP [to 22 Jan 2022]
The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) aims to accelerate the development of new or improved drugs, vaccines, microbicides and diagnostics against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as well as other poverty-related and neglected infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on phase II and III clinical trials
20 January 2022
Call for expression of interest for Global Health EDCTP3 Joint Undertaking scientific committee
The Global Health EDCTP3 Joint Undertaking (GH EDCTP3 JU) has now opened a call for expression of interest for the selection of the members of its Scientific Committee.
The Global Health EDCTP3 Joint Undertaking (GH EDCTP3 JU) is a partnership between the European Union and the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) Association, whose members are several EU Member States and Associated countries and several African countries, and which builds on the first and second European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) programmes…

18 January 2022
EDCTP mourns the loss of Dr Ricardo Pereira
On 11 January 2022, our dear colleague Dr Ricardo Pereira, Science Officer at the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and EDCTP General Assembly representative for Portugal, passed away following a long battle against cancer. Many in the EDCTP General Assembly, Scientific Advisory Committee and the Secretariat worked with him and knew him well. We are deeply saddened by this tragic news of his untimely passing.
Emory Vaccine Center [to 22 Jan 2022]
Vaccine Center News
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European Vaccine Initiative [to 22 Jan 2022]
Latest News, Events
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Fondation Merieux [to 22 Jan 2022]
News, Events
Support for Laboratories
LabMyNet Project Activities in Myanmar Build Diagnostic Capacity for HIV and SARS-CoV-2 Viral Load Surveillance
January 21, 2022, Myanmar
Renovation of the Medical Action in Myanmar laboratory, establishment of a molecular platform for HIV viral load, and training of …

The Mérieux Foundation referent of an article published in The Lancet, resulting from an international research cooperation on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
January 20, 2022, Global
Through TSARA project (an updated surveillance technique for resistance to antibiotics) in Madagascar, the Mérieux Foundation participated in a global …


[to 22 Jan 2022]
News Releases
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GHIT Fund [to 22 Jan 2022]
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Global Fund [to 22 Jan 2022]
News & Stories
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Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness [GloPID-R] [to 22 Jan 2022]
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Hilleman Laboratories [to 22 Jan 2022]
News & Insights
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HHMI – Howard Hughes Medical Institute [to 22 Jan 2022]
Press Room
Research Jan 21 2022
These Scientists Are Racing to Beat Omicron
As teams of researchers around the world race to piece together a picture of the Omicron variant, they’re fast-tracking discoveries and transforming the way science is done.
Human Vaccines Project [to 22 Jan 2022]
Jan 20, 2022
John Nkengasong: Lessons from Leading Africa’s COVID-19 Response
John Nkengasong, Ph.D.
Director, Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention
IAVI [to 22 Jan 2022]
Latest News
January 18, 2022
IAVI Welcomes Marion F. Gruber as Vice President, Public Health and Regulatory Science
Regulatory and public health expertise will advance the development of and global access to innovative new solutions to important global health needs
NEW YORK – JANUARY 18, 2022 – IAVI is very pleased to announce the appointment of Marion F. Gruber, Ph.D., M.S., as Vice President, Public Health and Regulatory Science.
Dr. Gruber is a preeminent vaccine expert with 30 years of experience in the development and regulation of vaccines and related biologics. Most recently, she served as Director of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Office of Vaccine Research and Review, where she led the FDA’s vaccine evaluation and licensure function and oversaw approval and authorization of vaccines for SARS-CoV-2, Zaire ebolavirus, and other global health challenges and emerging infectious disease threats…


International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities [ICMRA]
Selected Statements, Press Releases, Research
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ICRC [to 22 Jan 2022]
Selected News Releases, Statements, Reports
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Press Releases/Announcements
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IFRC [to 22 Jan 2022]
Selected Press Releases, Announcements
WHO and IFRC partnership aims to build regional capacity in responding to key public health challenges [Middle East and North Africa]
Institut Pasteur [to 22 Jan 2022]
Press Documents
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IOM / International Organization for Migration [to 22 Jan 2022]
News – Selected
18 Jan 2022
Mongolia’s Ban on Moving to Overcrowded Capital Hurt Migrants: IOM Research

18 Jan 2022
IOM and KSrelief Sign USD 20 Million Agreement to Help Yemen’s Vulnerable Communities Needing Shelter, Clean Water and Sanitation
ISC / International Science Council [to 22 Jan 2022]
ISC is a non-governmental organization with a unique global membership that brings together 40 international scientific Unions and Associations and over 140 national and regional scientific organizations including Academies and Research Councils.
News Blogs Podcasts
INGSA Horizons podcast hosts conversations on the science informing smart policy
Six podcasts available now from the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) explore the critical space between scientific evidence and policy decisions on topics such as cities, COVID-19, and societal transformation.
IVAC [to 22 Jan 2022]
Updates; Events
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IVI [to 22 Jan 2022]
IVI News & Announcements
IVI and SK bioscience Complete Recruitment for Phase III Clinical Trial of SKBS’ COVID-19 Vaccine
:: Recruitment of global Phase III clinical trial of ‘GBP510’ completed, with vaccine expected to be authorized in the first half of 2022
:: A booster dose study is concurrently being planned to bring additional vaccine to the global COVID-19 vaccine market
January 19, 2022 SEOUL, Korea — The International Vaccine Institute (IVI) and SK bioscience announced on January 18 that they have completed the recruitment of participants for the Phase III global clinical trial of GBP510, SKBS’ COVID-19 vaccine candidate. The Phase III clinical trial is the final stage of development to verify the safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine…
Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security [to 22 Jan 2022]
Center News
CommuniVax Coalition Launches Second Phase
Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security continues CommuniVax, a research coalition funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
January 22, 2021, Baltimore, MD – The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has received a new round of funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to continue support of the CommuniVax coalition. The purpose of the coalition is to strengthen community roles and involvement in equitable COVID-19 vaccination campaigns. The project’s second phase will focus on strengthening the relationships between communities of color and key local public health systems…
MSF/Médecins Sans Frontières [to 22 Jan 2022]
Latest [Selected Announcements]
The restless challenge of tackling COVID-19 in Iraq
Project Update 21 Jan 2022
National Academy of Medicine – USA [to 22 Jan 2022]
Selected News/Programs/Events
Expert Papers from the National Academy of Medicine Identify Lessons Learned and Compelling Needs for Health Product Manufacturers & Innovators and Digital Health After COVID-19
January 18, 2022
WASHINGTON – In response to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the American health system, the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has convened experts in nine sectors of health, health care, and biomedical research to review how each sector responded to COVID-19, identify challenges encountered in combating the pandemic, and outline opportunities to reinforce, revitalize, and transform the health system including improving health equity for all. These insights are being released as nine NAM Perspectives discussion papers, and then bundled into a NAM Special Publication titled Emerging Stronger After COVID-19: Priorities for Health System Transformation, which is scheduled to be released in Spring 2022. The NAM Special Publication will include all nine previously published papers and a new concluding chapter that reviews cross-cutting themes and opportunities from the individual papers.
The final two papers in this series, focused on health product manufacturers and innovators and on digital health, were published January 18, 2022. Health Product Manufacturers and Innovators COVID-19 Impact Assessment: Lessons Learned and Compelling Needs focuses on the experience of organizations that research, develop, and manufacture products and services to support health and health care. The discussion paper focuses specifically on five product types: diagnostics, hospital equipment, medical devices, therapeutics, and vaccines…
National Academy of Sciences – USA [to 22 Jan 2022]
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National Vaccine Program Office – U.S. HHS [to 22 Jan 2022]
Upcoming Meetings/Latest Updates
National Vaccine Advisory Committee [NVAC] 2022 Meetings
February 10-11, 2022
NIH [to 22 Jan 2022]
News Releases
Researchers highlight COVID-19 neurological symptoms and need for rigorous studies
January 20, 2022 — Scientists explain the importance of increased research into the underlying causes of Long Covid and possible ways to treat its symptoms.

COVID-19 vaccination does not reduce chances of conception, study suggests
January 20, 2022 — NIH-funded research shows infection can affect male fertility.

SARS-CoV-2 may cause fetal inflammation even in the absence of placental infection
January 18, 2022 — Small NIH study contributes to understanding of COVID-19 during pregnancy.
OECD [to 22 Jan 2022]
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PATH [to 22 Jan 2022]
Press Releases
PATH appoints Meïssa Diaw as Chief People and Diversity Officer
January 20, 2022 by PATH
Seattle, WA – Meïssa Diaw, formerly Human Resources Director for Africa, is taking on new responsibilities at PATH to serve as the organization’s first Africa-based Chief People and Diversity Officer. Based in Senegal, he will direct PATH’s global HR functions and lead an empowered team of HR specialists across Asia, Africa, and North America…
Sabin Vaccine Institute [to 22 Jan 2022]
Statements and Press Releases
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UNAIDS [to 22 Jan 2022]
Selected Press Releases/Reports/Statements
8 January 2022
Empowering people who inject drugs in Uganda

17 January 2022
Pre-exposure prophylaxis use expands, but not fast enough

UNHCR Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees [to 22 Jan 2022]
Selected News Releases, Announcements
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UNICEF [to 22 Jan 2022]
Press Releases, News Notes, Statements [Selected]
News note
UNICEF enters supply agreements for COVID-19 oral antiviral medicine Molnupiravir
NEW YORK/COPENHAGEN, 18 January 2022 – UNICEF has signed several long term agreements (LTA) with suppliers for the procurement of the new antiviral medicine Molnupiravir.
UNICEF procurement of Molnupiravir is dependent on clinical recommendations, regulatory approvals and compliance with UNICEF quality assurance requirements. In December, the US Food and drug administration issued an emergency use authorization for the use of Molnupiravir in the treatment of COVID19 in certain patients. Molnupiravir is currently under assessment by WHO.
These agreements will help ensure that low and middle-income countries (LMICs) have timely access to novel COVID-19 therapies.  UNICEF will continue to work with ACT-A (Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator) partners and industry to ensure supply availability, achieve affordable prices and capacity to meet country needs. Supply will also be available for ACT-A partners wishing to deploy Molnupiravir in countries.
UNICEF will work closely with other ACT-A partners such as WHO, the Global Fund and Unitaid to ensure an equitable access to supply for LMICs.

Unitaid [to 22 Jan 2022]
Featured News
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USAID [to 22 Jan 2022]
Selected Press Releases, Statements, Announcements
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Vaccine Equity Cooperative [nee Initiative] [to 22 Jan 2022]
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Vaccination Acceptance & Demand Initiative [Sabin) [to 22 Jan 2022]
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Vaccine Confidence Project [to 22 Jan 2022]
News, Research and Reports
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Vaccine Education Center – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia [to 22 Jan 2022]
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Wellcome Trust [to 22 Jan 2022]
News. Opinion, Reports
$300 million invested in vaccine innovations to end Covid-19 and prevent future epidemics
19 January 2022
Wellcome and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have both pledged $150 million each to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to help end the Covid-19 pandemic and prevent another major outbreak.
The Wistar Institute [to 22 Jan 2022]
Press Releases
Jan. 17, 2022
Wistar Scientists Identify Therapeutic Target for Epstein-Barr Virus
They found that EBV uses some of the same proteins as the host cell to express itself, and one of the proteins is already targeted by an existing drug.
WFPHA: World Federation of Public Health Associations [to 22 Jan 2022]
Latest News – Blog
Letter from the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) on behalf of the Sustainable Health Equity Movement (SHEM) to the Executive Board of the World Health Organization (EB-WHO). 24-29 January 2022
…WFPHA and SHEM ask the EB-WHO to bring the following proposals to the WHA:
1) Aligned with the Multilateral Leaders Task Force on COVID-19 Vaccines, Therapeutics and Diagnostics, WHO Member States must implement an equitable distribution of vaccines against COVID-19, which presupposes patent wavering, the sharing of knowledge and the transfer of technology, enabling the expansion of production and distribution based on ethical and epidemiological criteria, at no cost to the end consumer. This must be combined with the WHO’s decisive support to vaccine production initiatives for patent pooling and technology transfer contributing to global equity Covid vaccine coverage.
2) The WHA must agree to develop and, on an accelerated timeline, negotiate and adopt a new Pandemic Treaty that, in addition to improving global preparedness and response to health emergencies, helps all countries – especially low- and middle-income – to strengthen their national health systems to ensure everyone’s right to health. The Treaty must also consider the social determinants of health, contemplating intersectoral measures around social, environmental, and economic responses to support health actions.
3)The WHA must recognize that COVID-19 is more than a pandemic and is best characterized as a syndemic. The world suffers from the synergy of COVID-19 and other communicable and non-communicable diseases with political, economic, and environmental macro-processes that jointly cause deep changes that favor the emergence of zoonoses, and which reflect and generate social inequalities and inequities among and within countries. The construction of a “new normal”, better and fairer than the one that brought us here, requires facing all the dimensions of this complex reality, where the global unfair economic order must be faced and the right to development can be achieved by all nations and peoples…
World Bank [to 22 Jan 2022]
Selected News, Announcements
South Africa’s Covid-19 Response Gets a $750 Million Boost
WASHINGTON, January 20, 2022 —The World Bank Group Board of Executive Directors today approved South Africa’s request for a $750 million development policy loan (DPL). This loan will support the Government…
Date: January 21, 2022 Type: Press Release

Transcript: Exceptional Uncertainty and the Global Economy: A Conversation with David Malpass and Adam Posen
You can watch a replay of the event here. MR. ADAM POSEN:  It is my honor and pleasure to be hosting a conversation with David Malpass, the 13th President of the World Bank Group.  And I will…
Date: January 19, 2022 Type: Speeches and Transcripts
World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) [to 22 Jan 2022]
Press Releases, Statements
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WTO – World Trade Organisation [to 22 Jan 2022]
WTO News and Events
DG Okonjo-Iweala calls on ministers to step up negotiating efforts, harvest outcomes
21 January 2022
Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on 21 January called on ministers from a cross-section of WTO members to push ahead in all ongoing negotiations, and work with “pragmatism, creativity, and flexibility” to harvest agreements as and when they are within reach. Ministers broadly accepted her suggestion to accelerate work, both in Geneva and in capitals, so WTO members can deliver results despite the uncertainty regarding the rescheduling of the 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12) following its Omicron-induced postponement in November.

The informal gathering of around 30 trade ministers is traditionally hosted by the Swiss government in Davos but was held virtually this year in line with the World Economic Forum’s decision to cancel its in-person annual meeting.

In her remarks to the event, the Director-General noted that pandemic-related uncertainty would continue to prevail so long as large numbers of people in much of the world remained unvaccinated against COVID-19 – and that the WTO had a contribution to make in ending vaccine inequity. She said that while the desire to hold an in-person MC12 was widely shared, the changing epidemiological conditions made it difficult to set a date at this time. This does not rule out reassessing and fixing a date at a more propitious time since there was clearly a desire on the part of members to schedule a physical ministerial at some point…

The Director-General called ministers’ attention to the key sticking points on the WTO’s response to the pandemic, fisheries subsidies and agriculture, while also making the case for moving ahead with WTO reform, including dispute settlement.

In their interventions, many ministers said that while they want to hold MC12 when circumstances permit, they would be prepared to continue work in all areas in the interim and conclude negotiations where achievable. As countries seek to promote recovery from the social and economic consequences of the pandemic, many highlighted the importance of ensuring adequate access to medical products, including vaccines. A number of ministers said the negotiations on pandemic response and fisheries subsidies should be concluded as soon as possible…


WTO report looks into steps taken to boost LDCs’ participation in international trade
19 January 2022
A new WTO publication launched on 19 January highlights that further support will be needed from the international community in the next decade to strengthen least-developed countries’ (LDC) participation in world trade. While LDCs have benefited over the past ten years from greater market access opportunities, flexibilities in implementing WTO rules and trade-related technical assistance, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to even greater challenges for these countries, hitting their exports hard.


ARM [Alliance for Regenerative Medicine] [to 22 Jan 2022]
Selected Press Releases
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BIO [to 22 Jan 2022]
Press Releases, Letters, Testimony, Comments [Selected]
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DCVMN – Developing Country Vaccine Manufacturers Network [to 22 Jan 2022]
News; Upcoming events
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ICBA – International Council of Biotechnology Associations [to 22 Jan 2022]
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IFPMA [to 22 Jan 2022]
Selected Press Releases, Statements, Publications
11 billion COVID-19 vaccines produced in 2021 has resulted in the biggest immunization campaign in human history and 2022 will require more and better vaccine redistribution and innovation
16 December 2021
[See COVID Perspectives above for detail]

A timely reality check on silent pandemic of antimicrobial resistance
20 January 2022
The scale and threat of antimicrobial resistance is much bigger and more imminent than previously anticipated. New evidence shows that, in 2019, the global burden associated with drug-resistant infections was an estimated 4.95 million deaths, of which AMR was the direct cause of at least 1.27 million deaths. This number is only set to grow further, unless action is taken. The direction of travel is not downwards, with COVID-19 further fuelling the issue of AMR, leaving us on the course of 10 million deaths per year by 2050…


International Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association [IGBA]
GENEZIS, the Serbian and Montenegrin Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association, joins IGBA (January 2022)
IGBA, the International Generic and Biosimilar medicines Association, representing global manufacturers of generic and biosimilar medicines, announced today that GENEZIS has been accepted and welcomed as a new IGBA Associate Member.
International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations – IAPO [to 22 Jan 2022]
Press and media [Selected]
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PhRMA [to 22 Jan 2022]
Latest News [Selected]
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