U.S. Treasury Prohibits Transactions with Central Bank of Russia and Imposes Sanctions on Key Sources of Russia’s Wealth

U.S. Treasury Prohibits Transactions with Central Bank of Russia and Imposes Sanctions on Key Sources of Russia’s Wealth
Press Release
February 28, 2022
In Coordination with Allies and Partners, Treasury Actions Restrict Access to Billions in Central Bank Assets and Sovereign Wealth Fund 
Treasury Sanctions Russian Direct Investment Fund – A Symbol of Russian Kleptocracy
United States and its Partners and Allies Continue to Hold the Government of the Russian Federation Accountable for its Premeditated and Unprovoked Invasion of Ukraine



RDIF statement
Press release, 28.02.2022
The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF, the sovereign wealth fund of the Russian Federation) was never involved in any political activities, does not interact in any way with Ukraine and follows the world’s best investment practices, which has been acknowledged by all its international partners as well by national regulators. RDIF always fully complies with laws of the countries where it conducts its investments.


Imposition of sanctions against RDIF, which from the moment it was established has stood for building international relations and supporting constructive ties, demonstrates that the U.S. has picked the course to destroy constructive dialogue between countries.

In the past two years, the Fund has been focusing on ensuring global epidemiological safety through its pivotal involvement in struggle against the new coronavirus infection in over 70 countries. In particular, RDIF is the key investor in unique test systems to detect coronavirus infection, anti-COVID medicine as well as in Russian vaccines Sputnik V and Sputnik Light, saving millions of lives by supplying vaccines and facilitating their production in Russia and other countries.

The restrictions imposed by the U.S. authorities complicating RDIF efforts on the international promotion of the Russian vaccine products, have been lobbied by a number of large Western pharmaceutical companies. As a result of such unfair competition, billions of people around the world may be deprived of access to effective and safe Russian-made vaccines….