Coronavirus [COVID-19] – WHOPublic Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)



Coronavirus [COVID-19] – WHO
Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)


Weekly Epidemiological and Operational updates
Last update: 25 Feb 2022
Confirmed cases :: 452 201 564
Confirmed deaths :: 6 029 852
Vaccine doses administered: 10 704 043 684



Weekly epidemiological update on COVID-19 – 8 March 2022
Globally, during the week of 28 February through 6 March 2022, the number of new COVID-19 cases and deaths has continued to decline by 5% and 8% respectively, as compared to the previous week. Across the six WHO regions, over 10 million new cases and over 52 000 new deaths were reported. As of 6 March 2022, over 433 million confirmed cases and over 5.9 million deaths have been reported globally.

At the regional level, while the Western Pacific Region continue to report an increase (+46%) in the number of new weekly cases, all other regions reported decreases. The number of new weekly deaths increased in the Western Pacific (+29%) and the Eastern Mediterranean (+2%) Regions, while decreases were reported by the African Region (-39%), Europe Region (-15%), the Region of the Americas (-9%) and South-East Asia Region (-3%)…



WHO Director General Speeches [selected]
10 March 2022
WHO Director-General’s remarks at Launch of the WIPO Patent Landscape Report on COVID-19 – 10 March 2022

9 March 2022
WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 and Ukraine – 9 March 2022

8 March 2022
WHO Director-General’s keynote speech at the Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit

Status of COVID-19 Vaccines within WHO EUL/PQ evaluation process 02 March 2022
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[Updated on 02 March 2022]



COVID Vaccines/Therapeutics – Developer/Manufacturer Announcements
[Selected press releases/announcements from organizations from WHO EUL/PQ listing above and other organizations]