This week A special edition on our coronavirus coverage

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This week A special edition on our coronavirus coverage
March 19th 2022
China is enduring its first big outbreak of the Omicron variant. At least 40m people are under some form of lockdown (though the authorities in some regions prefer the term “life on pause”). The restrictions pose a threat to China’s economic rebound and the world’s supply chains.

In Hong Kong the death rate from covid-19 is twice as large as the peak of Britain’s second wave in early 2021. Morgues are overflowing with victims and hospitals are struggling to cope.

The latest outbreak has delayed any relaxation of China’s zero-covid policy. Our Chaguan column explains why beating covid on the mainland will require less fear, and more vaccinations.

African countries are also struggling to get people jabbed against covid. Just 13% of the continent has been fully vaccinated. Africa has plenty of covid doses but the increased deliveries are exposing logistical defects in the distribution of vaccines.

To end on a sliver of good news: covid has led to other vaccine victories. Our data-driven coverage this week shows how a jab against malaria is arriving at last. It could save as many lives as covid has taken. And in our Asia section, we look at changing attitudes towards the human papillomavirus vaccine in Japan as inoculations become more routine.