U.S.: COVID-19 Vaccines – Announcements/Regulatory Actions/Deployment

U.S.: COVID-19 Vaccines – Announcements/Regulatory Actions/Deployment



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BARDA – U.S. Department of HHS [to 19 Mar 2022]
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Press Announcements
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Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee– FDA
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White House [U.S.] [to 19 Mar 2022]
Briefing Room – Selected Major COVID Announcements
FACT SHEET: Biden Administration Launches Effort to Improve Ventilation and Reduce the Spread of COVID-⁠19 in Buildings
March 17, 2022 • Statements and Releases

Statement by President Joe Biden on the White House COVID-⁠19 Response Coordinator
March 17, 2022 • Statements and Releases
…To lead this effort, I am excited to name Dr. Ashish Jha as the new White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator. Dr. Jha is one of the leading public health experts in America, and a well known figure to many Americans from his wise and calming public presence. And as we enter a new moment in the pandemic – executing on my National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan and managing the ongoing risks from COVID – Dr. Jha is the perfect person for the job.
I appreciate both Jeff and Dr. Jha for working closely to ensure a smooth transition, and I look forward to continued progress in the months ahead.

FACT SHEET: Consequences of Lack of Funding for Efforts to Combat COVID-⁠19 if Congress Does Not Act
March 15, 2022 • Statements and Releases


U.S. Department of State [to 19 Mar 2022]
Press Statement
The United States Shares 500 Million COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Worldwide
Antony J. Blinken March 17, 2022
The United States has now shared over 500 million safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine doses, free of cost, to more than 110 countries and economies around the world – for the sole purpose of saving lives.
Since the start of the pandemic, we have provided nearly $20 billion in health, humanitarian, economic, and development assistance to over 120 countries, including rapid response support for urgent health needs and technical assistance to expand vaccine access.  We have also invested and supported the expansion of regional COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing in Africa and Asia. Today, we continue to work tirelessly with governments and international organizations, vaccine producers, NGOs, the private sector, and others to deliver vaccines, get shots in arms, increase testing and treatment, support and protect healthcare workers, and more.  Our recently announced COVID-19 Global Action Plan provides a clear roadmap for this international coordination…


USAID [to 19 Mar 2022]
Selected Press Releases, Statements, Announcements
USAID Announces an Additional $12.8 million in Assistance to Malawi
March 18, 2022
The U.S. Government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has announced an additional $12.8 million in assistance for Malawi to tackle food insecurity, strengthen anti-corruption efforts and respond to Tropical Cyclone Ana.

Marking Delivery of Half a Billion U.S.-Donated COVID-19 Vaccines
March 17, 2022
Today, the United States has delivered half a billion COVID-19 vaccines, all donated free of charge, to more than 110 countries in every region of the world—more doses than any other nation. For every shot we have given in the United States, nearly one has been shipped abroad. Today marks an important milestone in reaching President Biden’s extraordinary pledge to donate more than 1.2 billion safe and effective shots worldwide, with no expectations in return.

The United States Announces nearly $585 Million in New Humanitarian Assistance for the People of Yemen as Crisis Threatens Millions of Lives
March 16, 2022
Today, the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced nearly $585 million in humanitarian assistance for the people of Yemen at the 2022 High-Level Pledging Event for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen. In recent weeks, life-saving humanitarian programs in Yemen have been halted or forced to scale back significantly due to a lack of resources. This newly announced funding will enable continued provision of life-saving aid for Yemen’s most vulnerable people amid the intensifying conflict and the country’s devastating economic deterioration. The United States remains one of the largest donors of humanitarian assistance to Yemen, providing nearly $4.5 billion since the conflict began seven years ago.