Africa CDC [to 26 Mar 2022]

Africa CDC [to 26 Mar 2022]
Outbreak Brief 114: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic
Date of Issue: 14 March 2022
… As of 6 p.m. East African Time (EAT) 21 March 2022, a total of 11,301,084 COVID-19 cases and 250,646 deaths (CFR: 2.2%) have been reported by the 55 African Union (AU) Member States (MS). This represents 2.4% of all cases and 4.1% of all deaths reported globally. Thirty-five (64%) AU MS are reporting CFRs higher than the global CFR. Since the detection of COVID-19 on the African continent in February 2020, 53 (96%) AU MS have experienced three COVID-19 waves, 47 (72%) countries have experienced four waves and nine countries have experienced five waves. One country (Mauritius) is currently experiencing a sixth wave… Despite a test positivity rate of 11.1%, the daily reported number of new cases across the continent is on a downward trend. In the past week, more than 572 thousand new tests were conducted, which is a 32% decrease in the number of tests conducted in week 11 compared to the previous week…