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Center for Global Development [to 09 Apr 2022]
Research [Selected]
Policy Actions for the US Government to Accelerate Access to Oral Antivirals for COVID-19 in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Javier Guzman et al.
April 07, 2022
While oral antivirals are not a substitute for vaccination, they are key to preventing severe illness, saving lives, and preserving health systems. Vaccination rates continue to be low in low-income countries; only 14 percent of the population in low-income countries has received one dose of the vac…
Chatham House [to 09 Apr 2022]
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Kaiser Family Foundation
Accessed 09 Apr 2022
April 8, 2022 News Release
Ending COVID-19 Emergency Declarations Will Bring an End to Flexibilities that Aided Patients, Providers, Insurers, and Public Programs in Responding to the Pandemic
When the federal government ends COVID-19 emergency declarations that were declared in the early days of the pandemic, it will bring to a close several changes that were enacted temporarily to enable the U.S. health care system to better deal with the crisis. A new KFF resource details a number…

April 6, 2022 News Release
As the COVID-19 Pandemic Enters the Third Year Most Adults Say They Have Not Fully Returned to Pre-Pandemic ‘Normal’
People of Color, Lower Income Adults, and Those With Chronic Conditions Are More Vigilant About COVID-19 Precautions Like Masking, and Want Others to Continue Them as Well The Public Is Divided About Public Transportation Mask Requirement, With Half Wanting the Mandate Extended and the Other Half Wanting to Let it…
ODI [Overseas Development Institute] [to 09 Apr 2022]
Monitoring G20 contributions to global Covid-19 vaccine equity: issues and options
28 March 2022
Briefing/policy papers
Key messages
A focus on the systematic monitoring of G20 country policy responses to Covid-19 facilitates better understanding of the extent to which they have supported health equity globally and where they fall short and highlights actions G20 countries can take to place equity at the front and centre of recovery efforts.
Any efforts to construct a composite index must consider carefully how to treat the indicators, weight indicators and dimensions, and aggregate the data; the brief outlines options and their implications.
Efforts to monitor G20’s Covid-19 response are beset by limitations, not least the absence of indicators on actions no member country has taken, such as compelling pharmaceutical companies to share vaccines, knowledge and patents with poorer countries.
The available data reveals huge variation in G20 country performance, irrespective of their incomes, and between what countries have done and what they could have done to advance equity.
Rand [to 09 Apr 2022]
Reports, Selected Journal Articles
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