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Women’s groups and COVID-19: An evidence review on savings groups in Africa [version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review]
Olayinka Adegbite, Leigh Anderson, Sybil Chidiac, Osasuyi Dirisu, Jenna Grzeslo, Julia Hakspiel, Chinmaya Holla, Emily Janoch, Krishna Jafa, Shubha Jayaram, Grace Majara, Tabitha Mulyampiti, Eve Namisango, Eva Noble, Bukola Onyishi, David Panetta, Garima Siwach, Munshi Sulaiman, Rebecca Walcott, Sapna Desai, Thomas de Hoop
Peer Reviewers Invited
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
PUBLISHED 12 Apr 2022


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COVID-19 vaccine coverage among immigrants and refugees in Alberta: a population-based cross-sectional study
Shannon E MacDonald, Yuba Raj Paudel, Crystal Du
medRxiv 2022.04.11.22273644; doi:

Can We Really Trust the Findings of the COVID-19 Research? Quality Assessment of Randomized Controlled Trials Published on COVID-19
Athira S Joshy, Christy Thomas, Saphal Surendran, Krishna Undela
medRxiv 2022.04.15.22273881; doi:

Mondo: Unifying diseases for the world, by the world
Nicole A Vasilevsky, Nicolas A Matentzoglu, Sabrina Toro, Joe E Flack, Harshad Hegde, Deepak R Unni, Gioconda Alyea, Joanna S Amberger, Larry Babb, James P Balhoff, Taylor I Bingaman, Gully A Burns, Tiffany J Callahan, Leigh C Carmody, Lauren E Chan, George S Chang, Michel Dumontier, Laura E Failla, May J Flowers, H A Garrett Jr., Dylan Gration, Tudor Groza, Marc Hanauer, Nomi L Harris, Ingo Helbig, Jason A Hilton, Daniel S Himmelstein, Charles T Hoyt, Megan S Kane, Sebastian Kohler, David Lagorce, Martin Larralde, Antonia Lock, Irene Lopez Santiago, Donna R Maglott, Adriana J Malheiro, Birgit HM Meldal, Julie A McMurry, Moni Munoz-Torres, Tristan H Nelson, David Ochoa, Tudor I Oprea, David Osumi-Sutherland, Helen Parkinson, Zoe M Pendlington, Ana Rath, Heidi L Rehm, Lyubov Remennik, Erin R Riggs, Paola Roncaglia, Justyne E Ross, Marion F Shadbolt, Kent A Shefchek, Morgan N Similuk, Nicholas Sioutos, Rachel Sparks, Ray Stefancsik, Ralf Stephan, Doron Stupp, Jagadish Chandrabose Sundaramurthi, Imke Tammen, Courtney L Thaxton, Eloise Valasek, Alex H Wagner, Danielle Welter, Patricia L Whetzel, Lori L Whiteman, Valerie Wood, Colleen H Xu, Andreas Zankl, Xingmin A Zhang, Christopher G Chute, Peter N Robinson, Christopher J Mungall, Ada Hamosh, Melissa A Haendel
medRxiv 2022.04.13.22273750; doi:
There are thousands of distinct disease entities and concepts, each of which are known by different and sometimes contradictory names. The lack of a unified system for managing these entities poses a major challenge for both machines and humans that need to harmonize information to better predict causes and treatments for disease. The Mondo Disease Ontology is an open, community-driven ontology that integrates key medical and biomedical terminologies, supporting disease data integration to improve diagnosis, treatment, and translational research. Mondo records the sources of all data and is continually updated, making it suitable for research and clinical applications that require up-to-date disease knowledge.

Triangulating evidence in health sciences with Annotated Semantic Queries
Yi Liu, Tom R Gaunt
medRxiv 2022.04.12.22273803; doi:

Profile of Brazilian inpatients with COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infection and risk factors for unfavorable outcome
Matheus Alexandre Santos de Jesus, Natália Satchiko Hojo-Souza, Thiago Rocha de Moraes, Daniel Ludovico Guidoni, Fernanda Sumika Hojo Souza
medRxiv 2022.04.12.22273589; doi:

Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against hospitalization and death in Canada: A multiprovincial test-negative design study
Sharifa Nasreen, Yossi Febriani, Héctor Alexander Velásquez García, Geng Zhang, Mina Tadrous, Sarah A. Buchan, Christiaan H. Righolt, Salaheddin M. Mahmud, Naveed Zafar Janjua, Mel Krajden, Gaston De Serres, Jeffrey C. Kwong
medRxiv 2022.04.13.22273825; doi:

Health Economic Burden of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia
Khalidah A. Alenzi, Hamdan S. Al-malky, Ali F. Altebainawi, Hamidah Q. Abushomi, Fahad O. Alatawi, Moosa H. Atwadi, Moosa A. Khobrani, Dlal A. Almazrou, Nariman Alrubeh, Zainab A. Alsoliabi, Abdulaziz M. Kardam, Shakr A. Alghamdi, Abdulrahman Alasiri, Thamir M. Alshammari
medRxiv 2022.04.08.22273439; doi:

Effectiveness of the BNT162b vaccine fourth dose in reducing SARS-CoV-2 infection among healthcare workers in Israel, a multi-center cohort study
Matan J Cohen, Yonatan Oster, Allon E Moses, Avishay Spitzer, Shmuel Benenson, the Israeli-hospitals 4th vaccine Working Group
medRxiv 2022.04.11.22273327; doi:

The relation between COVID-19 vaccinations and public governance to improve preparedness of next pandemic impacts and crisis management: a global study
Mario Coccia, Igor Benati
medRxiv 2022.04.10.22273663; doi:
The goal of this study is to analyze the relationship between COVID-19 vaccinations and public governance performing a global analysis of more than 110 countries worldwide. Methodology applies the Independent Samples T-Test that compares the means of two independent groups (countries with high/low level of vaccinations) to determine whether there is statistical evidence that the associated population means of indicators of public governance are significantly different. Findings suggest that high levels of governance can support a better function of health systems in the rollout of vaccinations to cope with COVID-19 pandemic crisis. This study may assist long-run policy of governments to improve good governance and health systems of countries in order to reinforce the preparedness to face next pandemic threats and in general future crisis management in society.

Economic vulnerability and poor service delivery made it more difficult for shack-dwellers to comply with COVID-19 restrictions: The impracticability and inequitable burden of universal/unstratified public health policies
GTH Ellison, RB Mattes, H Rhoma, T De Wet
medRxiv 2022.04.07.22273499; doi:

COVID-19 vaccine for people who live and work in prisons worldwide: A scoping review
Nasrul Ismail, Lara Tavoschi, Babak Moazen, Alicia Roselló, Emma Plugge
medRxiv 2022.04.07.22273414; doi:

Novel Privacy Considerations for Large Scale Proteomics
Andrew C. Hill, Elizabeth M. Litkowski, Ani Manichaikul, Leslie Lange, Katherine A. Pratte, Katerina J. Kechris, Matthew DeCamp, Marilyn Coors, Victor E. Ortega, Stephen S. Rich, Jerome I. Rotter, Robert E. Gerzsten, Clary B. Clish, Jeffery Curtis, Xiaowei Hu, Debby Ngo, Wanda K O’Neal, Deborah Meyers, Eugene Bleecker, Brian D. Hobbs, Michael H. Cho, Farnoush Banaeikashani, Russell P. Bowler
medRxiv 2022.04.06.22269907; doi:

COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates and Vaccine Uptake
Alexander Karaivanov, Dongwoo Kim, Shih En Lu, Hitoshi Shigeoka
medRxiv 2021.10.21.21265355; doi: Revision

Acceptance of and preference for COVID-19 vaccination in healthcare workers: a comparative analysis and discrete choice experiment
Chuanxi Fu, Zheng wei, Fengchang Zhu, Sen Pei, Shunping Li, Liuren Zhang, Xiaohui Sun, Yue Wu, Ping Liu, Mark Jit
medRxiv 2020.04.09.20060103; doi: Revision

SARS-CoV-2 reinfections with BA.1 (Omicron) variant among fully vaccinated individuals in the northeast of Brazil
Francisco P. F. Neto, Diego G. Teixeira, Dayse C. S. da Cunha, Ingryd C. Morais, Celisa P. M. Tavares, Genilson P. Gurgel, Sanderson D. do Nascimento, David C. dos Santos, Alexandre de O. Sales, Selma M.B. Jerônimo
medRxiv 2022.04.08.22272726; doi:

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An open dataset of Plasmodium vivax genome variation in 1,895 worldwide samples [version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review]
MalariaGEN, Ishag Adam, Mohammad Shafiul Alam, Sisay Alemu, Chanaki Amaratunga, Roberto Amato, Voahangy Andrianaranjaka, Nicholas M Anstey, Abraham Aseffa, Elizabeth Ashley, Ashenafi Assefa, Sarah Auburn, Bridget E Barber, Alyssa Barry, Dhelio Batista Pereira, Jun Cao, Nguyen Hoang Chau, Kesinee Chotivanich, Cindy Chu, Arjen M. Dondorp, Eleanor Drury, Diego F. Echeverry, Berhanu Erko, Fe Espino, Rick Fairhurst, Abdul Faiz, María Fernanda Villegas, Qi Gao, Lemu Golassa, Sonia Goncalves, Matthew J Grigg, Yaghoob Hamedi, Tran Tinh Hien, Ye Htut, Kimberly J Johnson, Nadira Karunaweera, Wasif Khan, Srivicha Krudsood, Dominic P Kwiatkowski, Marcus Lacerda, Benedikt Ley, Pharath Lim, Yaobao Liu, Alejandro Llanos-Cuentas, Chanthap Lon, Tatiana Lopera-Mesa, Jutta Marfurt, Pascal Michon, Olivo Miotto, Rezika Mohammed, Ivo Mueller, Chayadol Namaik-larp, Paul N Newton, Thuy-Nhien Nguyen, Francois Nosten, Rintis Noviyanti, Zuleima Pava, Richard D Pearson, Beyene Petros, Aung P Phyo, Ric N Price, Sasithon Pukrittayakamee, Awab Ghulam Rahim, Milijaona Randrianarivelojosia, Julian C Rayner, Angela Rumaseb, Sasha V Siegel, Victoria J Simpson, Kamala Thriemer, Alberto Tobon-Castano, Hidayat Trimarsanto, Marcelo Urbano Ferreira, Ivan D Vélez, Sonam Wangchuk, Thomas E Wellems, Nicholas J White, Timothy William, Maria F Yasnot, Daniel Yilma
Peer Reviewers Invited
Wellcome Trust
Medical Research Council UK and the Department for International Development (DFID)
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
PUBLISHED 14 Apr 2022

Research Article metrics
Stage 2 Registered Report: How responsibility attributions to self and others relate to outcome ownership in group decisions [version 2; peer review: 2 approved]
Matt Jaquiery, Marwa El Zein
Peer Reviewers John A. Dewey; Nura Sidarus
Wellcome Trust
Medical Research Council
University of Oxford

Research Article metrics
A survey to gather perspectives of DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance-funded researchers on public engagement with science [version 2; peer review: 2 approved]
Sarah Iqbal, Banya Kar
Peer Reviewers Marina Joubert; Mary Chambers and Han Dong Thai Tran
DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance