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North Korea: A Covid-19 Disaster Unlike Any Other
May 20, 2022 | By J. Stephen Morrison, H. Andrew Schwartz, Victor Cha

Book Event: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla’s “Moonshot: Inside Pfizer’s Nine-Month Race to Make the Impossible Possible”
May 19, 2022
was thinking that I did the vaccine . Actually, I was part of … produce what they did with the vaccine . So it is – we have plenty … made a decision early in the vaccine development process not to …

Kaiser Family Foundation
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May 16, 2022 News Release
COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Among Nursing Home Staff Have Risen by 25 Percentage Points Since the Biden Administration Announced a Vaccination Mandate for Health Care Workers Last Year
In a new analysis, KFF researchers find that COVID-19 vaccination rates among nursing home staff increased by 25 percentage points nationally (63% to 88%) from when the Biden administration announced the vaccine mandate for health care workers in August 2021 to after vaccination deadlines passed in March 2022. Researchers analyzed…
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Protecting the Mental and Physical Well-Being of Frontline Health Care Workers During COVID-19: Study Protocol of a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
The COVID-19 pandemic has placed health care workers at unprecedented risk of stress, burnout, and moral injury. This paper describes the design of an ongoing cluster randomized controlled trial to compare the effectiveness of Stress First Aid (SFA) to Usual Care (UC) in protecting the well-being of frontline health care workers.
May 17, 2022
Lu Dong, Lisa S. Meredith, Carrie M. Farmer, Sangeeta C. Ahluwalia, Peggy G. Chen, Kathryn E. Bouskill, Bing Han, Nabeel Qureshi, Sarah Dalton, Patricia J. Watson, Jonathan N. Tobin, Andrea Cassells, Courtney A. Gidengil
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