Africa CDC [to 21 May 2022]

Africa CDC [to 21 May 2022]
Singapore and the African Union can digitally verify each other’s COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates from 23 May 2022
17 May 2022

Communique: West African High Level Vaccines Manufacturers Meeting
17 May 2022
We the stakeholders in Vaccines Manufacturing in the West Africa Region under the leadership of ECOWAS/WAHO and Africa CDC met in Accra, Ghana from May 10th to 11th, 2022 to discuss on how to collaborate to ensure the production and availability of quality, safe and efficacious vaccines in the region…

The main objective of the high-level meeting is to create a framework for collaboration, information exchange and develop a framework for vaccines producers in the West African region to discuss strategically how to support each other build the regional hub for vaccines production.

Specifically, the meeting aims to:
Identify the bottlenecks in vaccines research and development and production.
Identify and define the types of vaccines to be produced for the region by each manufacturer.
Define short, medium, and long-term strategies to boost vaccines production in the region
Engage more partners and biotechnology developers to liaise with manufacturers…

[1] The meeting agreed on types of vaccines to be produced in the region into considering that diversification of vaccines products (combining child immunization programs and adult vaccination programs that will require demand generation) will also help support manufacturers.


This includes twenty-two (22) identified vaccines which were further divided into 3 based on current and planned vaccine manufacturer’s capacities and capabilities in s terms of short-term, medium-term and long-term depending on the period of production.

Short term: Yellow Fever vaccines, Anti snake serum, Covid-19 vaccines, Pentavalent, Rabies, Measles, Ebola, Typhoid, Lassa, Rotavirus, Tetanus and Polio Vaccines (IPV)- 2022 to 2024
Medium term: Human papillomavirus (HPV), Pneumococcal (PCV3), Polio Vaccine bOPV-4 (oral), Malaria, Measles MMR, BCG, HepB-Pediatric, Meningitis A and 2025 -2027
Long-term: Anti-cancer, 2028 to 2030…

Heads of Governments, Health Ministers, Ministers of Industries and relevant Ministries to help facilitate adoption of the recommendations of this meeting by providing stronger political commitment.
ECOWAS/WAHO to engage stakeholders, technical and financial partners to fund the vaccines manufacturing in the region.
That national vaccines manufacturing plans are aligned with the regional and continental plans to prevent duplication of efforts.
ECOWAS/WAHO to follow up with stakeholders to ensure that the regional priorities are achieved.