WHO & Regional Offices [to 15 Sep 2018]

WHO & Regional Offices [to 15 Sep 2018]

UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on the fight against tuberculosis
New York, 26 September 2018
The theme: “United to end tuberculosis: an urgent global response to a global epidemic
Heads of State will gather in New York on 26 September this year at the United Nations General Assembly first-ever high-level meeting on tuberculosis (TB) to accelerate efforts in ending TB and reach all affected people with prevention and care.
Global hunger continues to rise, new UN report says
821 million people now hungry and over 150 million children stunted, putting hunger eradication goal at risk
11 September 2018   Rome
UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the World Food Programme (WFP) and WHO
GIN July and August 2018 pdf, 2.07Mb 7 September 2018

Weekly Epidemiological Record, 14 September 2018, vol. 93, 37 (pp. 477–488)
:: Widespread transmission of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus identified by environmental surveillance and immunization response, Horn of Africa, 2017–2018
:: Isolation and identification of human influenza viruses in cell culture: summary analysis of the WHO external quality assessment programme for National Influenza Centres in the WHO regions of the Americas, Africa and Eastern Mediterranean, 2017

WHO Regional Offices
Selected Press Releases, Announcements
WHO African Region AFRO
Selected Featured News
:: With WHO’s support, South Sudan strengthens HIV treatment cascade to improve interventions and achieve the national 90-90-90 targets  15 September 2018
:: How an encounter with Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo inspired change
14 September 2018
:: WHO is scaling up response to a fast-moving cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe’s capital
13 September 2018
:: Nigeria not lowering guards against Polio, two years after last detection of cases in the Northeast. 13 September 2018

WHO Region of the Americas PAHO
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WHO South-East Asia Region SEARO
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WHO European Region EURO
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WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region EMRO
:: European Union support strengthens trauma care services in Gaza  13 September 2018
:: Addressing escalating burden of NCDs in Afghanistan  12 September 2018

WHO Western Pacific Region
:: Case of imported MERS reported in Republic of Korea  9 September 2018

CDC/ACIP [to 15 Sep 2018]

CDC/ACIP [to 15 Sep 2018]

MMWR News Synopsis for September 13, 2018

Sentinel Surveillance for Congenital Rubella Syndrome — India, 2016–2017

India is committed to the elimination of measles and control of rubella and congenital rubella syndrome by 2020. Rubella infection during early pregnancy can result in serious consequences such as miscarriage, stillbirth, or a constellation of severe birth defects known as congenital rubella syndrome (CRS). The Government of India is committed to eliminate measles and control rubella and CRS by 2020. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) initiated laboratory-supported surveillance for CRS in five sentinel sites in November 2016. During the first eight months, surveillance identified more than 200 suspected CRS patients. About a third of the patients had laboratory-confirmed CRS. The experience gained during the first phase of surveillance will be useful in expanding the surveillance network; data generated will help monitor progress toward CRS control in India.


AERAS  [to 15 Sep 2018]
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BMGF – Gates Foundation  [to 15 Sep 2018]
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Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute    [to 15 Sep 2018]
The Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute is a non-profit biotech organization. Our mission is to develop products to fight malaria, tuberculosis, and diarrheal diseases—three major causes of mortality, poverty, and inequality in developing countries. The world has unprecedented scientific tools at its disposal; now is the time to use them to save the lives of the world’s poorest people
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CARB-X   [to 15 Sep 2018]
CARB-X is a non-profit public-private partnership dedicated to accelerating antibacterial research to tackle the global rising threat of drug-resistant bacteria.
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CEPI – Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations  [to 15 Sep 2018]
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EDCTP    [to 15 Sep 2018]
The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) aims to accelerate the development of new or improved drugs, vaccines, microbicides and diagnostics against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as well as other poverty-related and neglected infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on phase II and III clinical trials
14 September 2018
EDCTP Annual Report 2017 – Maintaining momentum
EDCTP published its Annual Report 2017: Maintaining momentum. Since 2014 until the end of 2017, we have awarded 124 grants with an estimated total value of €255.9 million. This includes funding for 32 multicentre clinical trials, accounting for €195.24 million…

Emory Vaccine Center    [to 15 Sep 2018]
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European Medicines Agency  [to 15 Sep 2018]
Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (CVMP) meeting of 11-13 September 2018
CVMP invites comments on a reflection paper dealing with resistance development of certain antimicrobials and its impact on human and animal health …

Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products (COMP) elects new chair
Violeta Stoyanova-Beninska to begin three-year mandate at October meeting …

European Vaccine Initiative  [to 15 Sep 2018]
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FDA [to 15 Sep 2018]
September 12, 2018
Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., and Center for Devices and Radiological Health Director Jeff Shuren, M.D., J.D., on agency efforts to work with tech industry to spur innovation in digital health
Fondation Merieux  [to 15 Sep 2018]
Mérieux Foundation event
Global challenges in vaccine acceptance science and programs
September 24 – 26, 2018 – Les Pensieres Center for Global Health, Veyrier du Lac (France)
Gavi [to 15 Sep 2018]
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GHIT Fund   [to 15 Sep 2018]
GHIT was set up in 2012 with the aim of developing new tools to tackle infectious diseases that devastate the world’s poorest people. Other funders include six Japanese pharmaceutical
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Global Fund [to 15 Sep 2018]
Global Fund Partnership has Saved 27 Million Lives
12 September 2018
PARIS – The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria released a report today demonstrating that 27 million lives have been saved by the Global Fund partnership. The report shows tremendous progress that has been achieved by efforts to end the epidemics, while highlighting new threats.
The Results Report 2018 includes key annual results achieved in countries where the Global Fund invests:
:: 17.5 million people received antiretroviral therapy for HIV.
:: 5 million people tested and treated for TB.
:: 197 million mosquito nets distributed to prevent malaria.
Full Report: English | Français

Hilleman Laboratories   [to 15 Sep 2018]
Date: 11/09/2018
Hilleman Labs announces publication of original research on Heat Stable Rotavirus Vaccines
Hilleman Laboratories today announced the publication of original research as well as expert commentary on development of Heat Stable Rotavirus Vaccine (HSRV).
Human Vaccines Project   [to 15 Sep 2018]
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IAVI  [to 15 Sep 2018]
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IVAC  [to 15 Sep 2018]
September 2018
IVAC’s VoICE tool now has over 200 data summaries and arguments to support the broad value of vaccines
VoICE, the Value of Immunization Compendium of Evidence, an online tool, aims to equip global advocates and partners with new arguments and evidence to demonstrate and support the continued investments in immunization programs, and why it is essential. This searchable online resource details the many far-reaching impacts of immunization and vaccine-preventable disease and on equity, […]
IVI   [to 15 Sep 2018]
11 Sep 2018
IVI accelerates development of MERS vaccine
– Institute jointly conducts phase 1/2a clinical trial of GeneOne Life Science’s GLS-5300 DNA MERS vaccine
– IVI in search of additional promising candidate vaccines among developers worldwide, with support from Samsung Life Public Welfare Foundation

The International Vaccine Institute (IVI) said on September 11 that a phase 1/2a clinical trial of Korea-based GeneOne Life Science’s MERS vaccine is currently under way; as the organization is accelerating the development of vaccines against MERS in collaboration with Korean and foreign vaccine developers.
The clinical trial is being conducted in Korea by GeneOne with support from and in collaboration with IVI, and the first subject was recently dosed with the vaccine. IVI is funding the entire clinical trial with a donation from the Samsung Life Public Welfare Foundation to support the development of a MERS vaccine.
Dr. Jerome Kim, Director General of IVI said, “IVI will continue close collaboration with GeneOne and other partners to complete the clinical trial at the earliest date possible with the intent of making a MERS vaccine available in order to contribute to curbing a future MERS epidemic (in Korea and worldwide).”…
JEE Alliance  [to 15 Sep 2018]
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MSF/Médecins Sans Frontières  [to 15 Sep 2018]
Selected Press Releases/Statements
Hepatitis C
MSF response to ruling in Gilead sofosbuvir patent hearing at European Patent Office
Munich, 13 September 2018 — Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is gravely disappointed with the European Patent Office’s decision today to uphold US pharmaceutical corporation Gilead Sciences’ patent related to the key hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir. In a bid to contest Gilead’s unmerited patent on this drug in order to make the medicine more affordable in Europe, a legal challenge was filed in March 2017 by patient and treatment provider organisations from 17 European countries, including Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF); Médecins du Monde (MdM); the European Public Health Alliance (EU-wide); Salud Por Derecho (Spain); AIDES (France); Praksis (Greece); and Access to Medicines Ireland..

DRC 2018 Ebola outbreaks
With a new Ebola outbreak, we knew we had to act fast
13 Sep 2018

NIH  [to 15 Sep 2018]
September 10, 2018
Early stage clinical trial of antimalarial drug begins
— In 2016, an estimated 216 million new malaria cases and 445,000 deaths occurred.
… in the new study, led by principal investigator Michael Cohen-Wolkowiez, M.D., Ph.D., professor of pediatrics at the Duke Clinical Research Institute, is testing an investigational drug called DM1157, invented at Portland State University and developed by DesignMedix, both based in Portland, Oregon. The novel treatment is a modified form of chloroquine, an established antimalarial drug that kills malaria parasites once they have infected human red blood cells…

PATH  [to 15 Sep 2018]
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Sabin Vaccine Institute  [to 15 Sep 2018]
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UNAIDS [to 15 Sep 2018]
13 September 2018
UNAIDS again commended as the only UN body to meet or exceed all requirements of the UN Action Plan on Gender Equality

12 September 2018
New model drug law launched in western Africa
Unjust laws can prevent people from accessing the services they need to prevent or treat HIV, and people who use drugs need help and care, not punishment—these are two of the messages from the new Model Drug Law for West Africa. Launched on11 September in Dakar, Senegal, the model drug law aims to guide policy-makers in the region on how to better frame their drug laws…

12 September 2018
Russian Federation commits to reach 75% antiretroviral therapy coverage in 2019

10 September 2018
Leaders from China and Africa come together to build stronger and healthier communities
Leaders from African countries and China met in Beijing, China, during the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China–Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) on 3 and 4 September to accelerate the social and economic development of Africa…
Leaders agreed the Beijing Declaration and the Beijing Action Plan, which will serve as a blueprint for further cooperation between China and Africa in the next three years. The outcome documents, which list ending AIDS and halting and reversing HIV (together with tuberculosis and malaria) as part of the China–Africa health cooperation…

UNICEF  [to 15 Sep 2018]
Selected Press Releases/Reports/Statements
Press release
UNICEF to scale up Ebola response following new cases in major commercial center of Butembo in the Democratic Republic of Congo
[See Milestones above for more detail]

Press release
Geneva Palais briefing note on education under attack in Yemen

Press release
Global hunger continues to rise, new UN report says
821 million people now hungry and over 150 million children stunted, putting hunger eradication goal at risk

Vaccine Confidence Project  [to 15 Sep 2018]
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Vaccine Education Center – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia  [to 15 Sep 2018]
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Wellcome Trust  [to 15 Sep 2018]
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The Wistar Institute   [to 15 Sep 2018]
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World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)   [to 15 Sep 2018]
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BIO    [to 15 Sep 2018]
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DCVMN – Developing Country Vaccine Manufacturers Network  [to 15 Sep 2018]
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IFPMA   [to 15 Sep 2018]
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PhRMA    [to 15 Sep 2018]
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