Cost-effectiveness of HPV vaccine to the cervical cancer screening in South Africa

Volume 27, Issue 44, Pages 6103-6268 (19 October 2009)

The potential cost-effectiveness of adding a human papillomavirus vaccine to the cervical cancer screening programme in South Africa
Edina Sinanovic, Jennifer Moodley, Mark A. Barone, Sumaya Mall, Susan Cleary, Jane Harries


This study was designed to answer the question of whether a cervical cancer prevention programme that incorporates a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is potentially more cost-effective than the current strategy of screening alone in South Africa. We developed a static Markov state transition model to describe the screening and management of cervical cancer within the South African context. The incremental cost-effectiveness ratio of adding HPV vaccination to the screening programme ranged from US $1078 to 1460 per quality-adjusted life year (QALY) gained and US$3320ā€“4495 per life year saved, mainly depending on whether the study was viewed from a health service or a societal perspective. Using discounted costs and benefits, the threshold analysis indicated that a vaccine price reduction of 60% or more would make the vaccine plus screening strategy more cost-effective than the screening only approach. To address the issue of affordability and cost-effectiveness, the pharmaceutical companies need to make a commitment to price reductions.

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