Financing HPV vaccine introduction in low-resource settings

Volume 27, Issue 44, Pages 6103-6268 (19 October 2009)

Health systems and immunization financing for human papillomavirus vaccine introduction in low-resource settings
Robin Biellik, Carol Levin, Emmanuel Mugisha, D. Scott LaMontagne, Allison Bingham, Satish Kaipilyawar, Sanjay Gandhi


This descriptive qualitative study synthesizes health system and immunization financing assessments performed through formative research in India, Peru, Uganda, and Vietnam using a non-probability sample of national and sub-national stakeholders; and recommends appropriate and effective strategies for HPV vaccine delivery in low-resource settings. We conclude that maximum feasibility and acceptability and lowest cost for delivering HPV vaccine can be achieved by implementing through national immunization programs; by partnering with other sectors, such as education and maternal–child health; by strengthening existing human resources and cold chain infrastructures where needed; and finally, by considering schools for reaching the target population.

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