Central African Republic (CAR) launches national polio immunization campaign

UNICEF reported that the Central African Republic (CAR) launched a national immunization campaign to eradicate polio “aimed at reaching all children in the country, including hard-to-reach populations living in conflict and post-conflict zones with limited access to health services…in urgent response to four imported cases of polio discovered in CAR in 2011, the first in two years.” Mary Louise Eagleton Meaney, Deputy Representative for UNICEF, CAR, said “Routine data shows that only 68 per cent of children in CAR under five years of age are completely vaccinated against polio, which means that 260,000 children under five are at risk of contracting the virus.” UNICEF noted that health workers “will be going door-to-door to deliver polio vaccines starting February 24th to 806,825 children between the ages of 0-59 months; to administer vitamin A supplements to 725,102 children between 6-59 months; and to provide deworming for 643,595 children between 12-59 months of age.” http://www.unicef.org/media/media_61805.html