Voice of America interviews GAVI Board Chair Dagfinn Høybråten

Interview: Voice of America interviews Dagfinn Høybråten

GAVI Board Chair Dagfinn Høybråten talks to the official United States government broadcaster about the role of vaccines in achieving MDGs 4 and 5

Source: Health Alliance/2011

In an interview with Voice of America, GAVI Alliance Board Chairman Dagfinn Høybråten discusses a wide range of issues with VoA correspondent Linord Moudou. He traces GAVI’s history and explains that vaccines have created a moral imperative to act in order to save lives….Høybråten adds that without achieving high levels of vaccination, it will be impossible to reach Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health. By responding to country demand and prioritising uptake of new and underused vaccines, GAVI support has helped countries to avert more than five and a half million future deaths.