Comment: Can WHO survive?

The Lancet  
Oct 27, 2012  Volume 380  Number 9852  p1445 – 1530

Offline: Can WHO survive?
Richard Horton

The title of last week’s Global Health Lab, held at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, was meant to incite interest, not signal aggression. But some interpreted the symposium as an attack before it had even taken place. I was texted, tweeted, and emailed to encourage diplomacy. None of these rearguard protective manoeuvres turned out to be necessary. In our debate about WHO, led by Gill Walt (from the School), Kathryn Tyson (UK Department of Health), Anders Nordström (Sweden’s Ambassador for Global Health), and Martin McKee (Director of ECOHOST), the answer to the question was unambiguously “yes”.