American Journal of Bioethics – Special Issue on Immunization Mandates and HCP

The American Journal of Bioethics
Volume 13, Issue 9, 2013

Vaccine Mandates Are Justifiable Because We Are All in This Together
John D. Lantos & Mary Anne Jackson
pages 1-2
No abstract

An Ethical Analysis of Mandatory Influenza Vaccination of Health Care Personnel: Implementing Fairly and Balancing Benefits and Burdens
Armand H. Matheny Antommaria
pages 30-37
Published online: 16 Aug 2013
Health care institutions have paid increasing attention to preventing nosocomial transmission of influenza through vaccination of health care personnel. While multifaceted voluntary interventions have increased vaccination rates, proponents of mandatory programs contend the rates remain unacceptably low. Conventional bioethical analyses of mandatory programs are inadequate; they fail to account for the obligations of nonprofessional personnel or to justify the weights assigned to different ethical principles. Using an ethics framework for public health permits a fuller analysis. The framework’s focus on fairness accentuates the potential differences between the risk of transmitting infection and employment status, and the need to equitably evaluate exemptions. The framework’s emphasis on balancing benefits and burdens highlights the need to justify a specific goal and questions the need to exclude all nonmedical exemptions. While mandatory vaccination programs are justifiable, greater attention should be paid to their implementation.

The Case for Mandatory Flu Vaccination of Children
Ben Bambery, Michael Selgelid, Hannah Maslen, Andrew J. Pollard & Julian Savulescu
pages 38-40
Published online: 16 Aug 2013
No abstract

Guidance From Vaccination Jurisprudence
Michael R. Ulrich
pages 40-42
Published online: 16 Aug 2013
No abstract

Before the Mandate: Cultivating an Organizational Culture of Trust and Integrity
Joshua E. Perry
pages 42-44
Published online: 16 Aug 2013
No abstract

Exemptions From Influenza Vaccinations for Health Care Personnel Based on Self or Identity Issues: Are They Justified?
David Trafimow
pages 44-46
Published online: 16 Aug 2013
No abstract

Evidence and Ethics in Mandatory Vaccination Policies
Jason L. Schwartz
pages 46-48
Published online: 16 Aug 2013
No abstract

Mandatory Influenza Vaccination: How Far to Go and Whom to Target Without Evidence?
Jean-Christophe Bélisle Pipon & Marjolaine Frenette
pages 48-50
Published online: 16 Aug 2013
No abstract

Professional Solidarity: The Case of Influenza Immunization
Mariëtte van den Hoven & Marcel Verweij
pages 51-52
Published online: 16 Aug 2013
No abstract

How the Weight of the Ethical Arguments Depends on the Empirical “Facts”
Georg Marckmann, Anna M. Sanktjohanser & Sabine Wicker
pages 53-55
Published online: 16 Aug 2013
No abstract

Applying Kass’s Public Health Ethics Framework to Mandatory Health Care Worker Immunization: The Devil is in the Details
Saad B. Omer
pages 55-57
Published online: 16 Aug 2013
No abstract