EBOLA/EVD [to 24 October 2015]

EBOLA/EVD [to 24 October 2015]
Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC); “Threat to international peace and security” (UN Security Council)

Ebola Situation Report – 21 October 2015
:: Three new confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) were reported in the week to 18 October, all of which were reported in Guinea. The country had reported zero cases for the previous 2 weeks. Of the 3 new cases, 1 was reported from the capital, Conakry, and 2 were reported from the subprefecture of Kaliah, Forecariah. Of note, 2 cases were not registered contacts, 1 of whom was identified after post-mortem testing of a community death. There are currently 246 contacts under follow-up in Guinea (70 of whom are high risk), and an additional 253 contacts identified during the past 42 days remain untraced. Therefore there remains a near-term risk of further cases among both registered and untraced contacts. Sierra Leone reported zero cases for a fifth consecutive week.

:: Case incidence has remained at 5 confirmed cases or fewer per week for 12 consecutive weeks. Over the same period, transmission of the virus has been geographically confined to several small areas in western Guinea and Sierra Leone, marking a transition to a distinct, third phase of the epidemic. The phase-3 response coordinated by the Interagency Collaboration on Ebola builds on existing measures to drive case incidence to zero, and ensure a sustained end to EVD transmission. Enhanced capacity to rapidly identify a reintroduction (either from an area of active transmission or from an animal reservoir), or re-emergence of virus from a survivor, and capacity for testing and counselling as part of a comprehensive package to safeguard the welfare of survivors are central to the phase-3 response framework…