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IAVI – International AIDS Vaccine Initiative [to 4 March 2017]
Technical Report
Regulatory Capacity Strengthening in Africa-2017
African research partners consistently state the need to strengthen national regulatory and research facilities. This need is echoed in national frameworks and strategies related to HIV/AIDS and health research. While IAVI/partner commitment to health research capacity building has remained consistent, more recently it has focused on nationally- and regionally- defined research- and regulatory-strengthening initiatives to increase country ownership and commitment to health research.
Moving forward, IAVI and its partners remain committed to supporting locally defined and country-owned plans to strengthen regulatory and ethics bodies. This work will continue to improve their capacity to effectively review HIV vaccine research submissions, ensure adequate national and regional policy frameworks to effectively and efficiently review HIV vaccine research submissions, and support nationally and regionally defined regulatory/ethics strengthening initiatives. Such investments advance HIV vaccine research and development while strengthening local health research overall.


IFPMA [to 4 March 2017]
28 February 2017
IFPMA launches new policy principles and report on Rare Disease Day 2017 to benefit patients, patients, healthcare and society
:: New set of policy principles outlines critical elements for a global framework on rare disease policy.
:: New report “Rare diseases: shaping a future with no one left behind” is a new resource to understand key challenges in areas such as R&D, clinical trials, diagnosis, and access to treatment.
:: More than 560 medicines are currently being developed for patients with rare diseases thanks to new technologies and a growing scientific understanding of these diseases[1].


February 28, 2017
Rare Disease Day: Accelerating innovation for patients in need
The biopharmaceutical industry is committed to advancing novel therapies for the more than 30 million Americans suffering from a rare disease today.