EDCTP [to 4 March 2017]

EDCTP [to 4 March 2017]
The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) aims to accelerate the development of new or improved drugs, vaccines, microbicides and diagnostics against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as well as other poverty-related and neglected infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on phase II and III clinical trials.
28 February 2017
UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health hosted meeting on value of EDCTP
The meeting on EDCTP as ‘African-European partnership for global health benefit’ took place on 27 February 2017 at the Houses of Parliament in London, United Kingdom. It was hosted by Dr Daniel Poulter MP of the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health.
The development of paediatric fixed-dose combination therapy for HIV-infected children in two EDCTP-funded trials, CHAPAS-1 and CHAPAS-3, was presented as a case study of the impact of the programme. CHAPAS-1 resulted in the first paediatric antiretroviral formula which was rolled out on a large scale. CHAPAS-3 developed paediatric formulas for a new generation of antiretrovirals. Dr Veronica Mulenga, paediatrician at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia and Professor Diana Gibb, programme Leader of the Paediatric Programme of trials and cohorts at the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at University College London, United Kingdom presented these trials…