NTD policy priorities: Science, values, and agenda setting

 PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
(Accessed 20 May 2017)

NTD policy priorities: Science, values, and agenda setting
Ana S. Ilt s, Kirstin R. W. Matthews
| published 18 May 2017 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Eliminating NTD epidemics by 2030 requires setting an agenda to meet specific and actionable NTD targets over time. If we focus on all diseases and methods simultaneously, only marginal impact can be attained. Selecting priorities will facilitate more significant achievements. NTD policy aimed at specific targets requires decisions about the balance between funding research, development, treatments, and preventative measures; which diseases to focus on, in what order, how much attention to pay to each; what constraints the agenda must respect; and who will have a voice in agenda setting. Scientists ought to acknowledge the need to set priorities to achieve goals; the importance of collaborating with public health experts, policy makers and communities to make substantial progress toward eliminating NTDs; and the inherently value-laden nature of priority setting. Only through explicitly setting priorities will effective and sustainable policies be achieved over time.