PLoS One [Accessed 20 May 2017]

PLoS One
[Accessed 20 May 2017]

Research Article
Modelling the transmission and control strategies of varicella among school children in Shenzhen, China
Xiujuan Tang, Shi Zhao, Alice P. Y. Chiu, Hanwu Ma, Xu Xie, Shujiang Mei, Dongfeng Kong, Yanmin Qin, Zhigao Chen, Xin Wang, Daihai He
Research Article | published 18 May 2017 PLOS ONE


Research Article
Effect of early measles vaccine on pneumococcal colonization: A randomized trial from Guinea-Bissau
Nadja Skadkær Hansen, Stine Byberg, Lars Hervig Jacobsen, Morten Bjerregaard-Andersen, Aksel Karl Georg Jensen, Cesario Martins, Peter Aaby, Jørgen Skov Jensen, Christine Stabell Benn, Hilton Whittle
Research Article | published 17 May 2017 PLOS ONE