Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics (formerly Human Vaccines) Volume 13, Issue 5, 2017

Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics (formerly Human Vaccines)
Volume 13, Issue 5, 2017

Persistence of antibodies 20 y after vaccination with a combined hepatitis A and B vaccine
Pierre Van Damme, Geert Leroux-Roels, P. Suryakiran, Nicolas Folschweiller & Olivier Van Der Meeren
Pages: 972-980
Published online: 10 Mar 2017

Persistence of immunity 18–19 years after vaccination against hepatitis B in 2 cohorts of vaccinees primed as infants or as adolescents in Italy
Luisa Romanò, Cristina Galli, Catia Tagliacarne, Maria Elena Tosti, Claudio Velati, Laura Fomiatti, Maria Chironna, Rosa Cristina Coppola, Mario Cuccia, Rossana Mangione, Fosca Marrone, Francesco Saverio Negrone, Antonino Parlato, Carla Maria Zotti, Alfonso Mele, Alessandro Remo Zanetti & the Study Group
Pages: 981-985
Published online: 08 Mar 2017

Research progress of therapeutic vaccines for treating chronic hepatitis B
Jianqiang Li, Mengru Bao, Jun Ge, Sulin Ren, Tong Zhou, Fengchun Qi, Xiuying Pu & Jia Dou
Pages: 986-997
Published online: 24 Jan 2017

Progress in HIV vaccine development
Denise C. Hsu & Robert J. O’Connell MD
Pages: 1018-1030
Published online: 10 Mar 2017

Vaccines licensed and in clinical trials for the prevention of dengue
Torresi, G. Ebert & M. Pellegrini
Pages: 1059-1072
Published online: 14 Feb 2017
Dengue has become a major global public health threat with almost half of the world’s population living in at-risk areas. Vaccination would likely represent an effective strategy for the management of dengue disease in endemic regions, however to date there is only one licensed preventative vaccine for dengue infection. The development of a vaccine against dengue virus (DENV) has been hampered by an incomplete understanding of protective immune responses against DENV. The most clinically advanced dengue vaccine is the chimeric yellow fever-dengue vaccine (CYD) that employs the yellow fever virus 17D strain as the replication backbone (Chimerivax-DEN; CYD-TDV). This vaccine had an overall pooled protective efficacy of 65.6% but was substantially more effective against severe dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever. Several other vaccine approaches have been developed including live attenuated chimeric dengue vaccines (DENVax and LAV Delta 30), DEN protein subunit V180 vaccine (DEN1–80E) and DENV DNA vaccines. These vaccines have been shown to be immunogenic in animals and also safe and immunogenic in humans. However, these vaccines are yet to progress to phase III trials to determine their protective efficacy against dengue. This review will summarize the details of vaccines that have progressed to clinical trials in humans.

Brief Report
Cost analysis of measles in refugees arriving at Los Angeles International Airport from Malaysia
Margaret S. Coleman, Heather M. Burke, Bethany L. Welstead, Tarissa Mitchell, Eboni M. Taylor, Dmitry Shapovalov, Brian A. Maskery, Heesoo Joo & Michelle Weinberg
Pages: 1084-1090
Published online: 09 Jan 2017

Economic evaluation of routine infant rotavirus immunisation program in Japan
Shu-ling Hoshi, Masahide Kondo & Ichiro Okubo
Pages: 1115-1125
Published online: 20 Oct 2016

Article Commentary
Teaching children about immunization in a digital age
Kumanan Wilson, Katherine Atkinson & Natasha Crowcroft
Pages: 1155-1157
Published online: 06 Feb 2017

Vaccinating healthcare workers: Level of implementation, barriers and proposal for evidence-based policies in Turkey
Lale Ozisik, Mine Durusu Tanriover, Serdar Altınel & Serhat Unal
Pages: 1198-1206
Published online: 06 Jan 2017