Nature  Volume 550 Number 7674 pp7-150  5 October 2017

Volume 550 Number 7674 pp7-150  5 October 2017

World View
Make plans to eliminate cholera outbreaks
Governments must stop denying the occurrence of cholera and unite in long-term prevention strategies, says Anita Zaidi.

Scientists have most impact when they’re free to move
An analysis of researchers’ global mobility reveals that limiting the circulation of scholars will damage the scientific system, say Cassidy R. Sugimoto and colleagues.

Open countries have strong science
Caroline S. Wagner and Koen Jonkers find a clear correlation between a nation’s scientific influence and the links it fosters with foreign researchers.

Expanding and reprogramming the genetic code
Jason W. Chin
A review of the recent developments in reprogramming the genetic code of cells and organisms to include non-canonical amino acids in precisely engineered proteins.

Massively parallel de novo protein design for targeted therapeutics
Aaron Chevalier,
Daniel-Adriano Silva, Gabriel J. Rocklin, errick R. Hicks, Renan Vergara+ et al.
A massively parallel computational and experimental approach for de novo designing and screening small hyperstable proteins targeting influenza haemagglutinin and botulinum neurotoxin B identifies new therapeutic candidates more robust than traditional antibody therapies.