The Lancet Oct 07, 2017 Volume 390 Number 10103 p1623-1714 e24

The Lancet
Oct 07, 2017 Volume 390 Number 10103 p1623-1714   e24

Cholera: ending a 50-year pandemic
The Lancet
Published: 07 October 2017
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In search of global governance for research in epidemics
David H Peters, Gerald T Keusch, Janice Cooper, Sheila Davis, Jens Lundgren, Michelle M Mello, Olayemi Omatade, Fred Wabwire-Mangen, Keith P W J McAdam
The west African epidemic of Ebola virus disease in 2014–15 became a major tragedy because the global system under the International Health Regulations and the governance of research related to epidemics both failed to function as needed. Research started too late and yielded only one vaccine candidate with probable effectiveness.1 Today, the international framework for epidemic preparedness and response still does not include a role for research.2 Future cross-national epidemics and Public Health Emergencies of International Concern are likely to involve pathogens that have no proven effective vaccines or specific therapeutics.