Pediatrics – December 2017, VOLUME 140 / ISSUE 6

December 2017, VOLUME 140 / ISSUE 6

Web-based Social Media Intervention to Increase Vaccine Acceptance: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Jason M. Glanz, Nicole M. Wagner, Komal J. Narwaney, Courtney R. Kraus, Jo Ann Shoup, Stanley Xu, Sean T. O’Leary, Saad B. Omer, Kathy S. Gleason, Matthew F. Daley
Pediatrics Dec 2017, 140 (6) e20171117; DOI: 10.1542/peds.2017-1117
In this RCT, we compare vaccination outcomes in infants of pregnant women exposed to either a VSM intervention, a VI Web site, or UC.

4-Valent Human Papillomavirus (4vHPV) Vaccine in Preadolescents and Adolescents After 10 Years
Daron G. Ferris, Rudiwilai Samakoses, Stanley L. Block, Eduardo Lazcano-Ponce, Jaime Alberto Restrepo, Jesper Mehlsen, Archana Chatterjee, Ole-Erik Iversen, Amita Joshi, Jian-Li Chu, Andrea Likos Krick, Alfred Saah, Rituparna Das
Pediatrics Dec 2017, 140 (6) e20163947; DOI: 10.1542/peds.2016-3947
This report summarizes the immunogenicity, effectiveness, and safety of the 4vHPV vaccine in adolescent and preadolescent subjects after 10 years.