Vaccine Volume 35, Issue 51  Pages 7065–7212 (18 December 2017)

Volume 35, Issue 51  Pages 7065–7212 (18 December 2017)

Original research article
Active SMS-based influenza vaccine safety surveillance in Australian children
Pages 7101–7106
Alexis Pillsbury, Helen Quinn, Patrick Cashman, Alan Leeb, … Kristine Macartney

Original research article
Impact of infant pneumococcal conjugate vaccination on community acquired pneumonia hospitalization in all ages in the Netherlands
Pages 7107–7113
A.M.M. van Deursen, T.M. Schurink-van’t Klooster, W.H. Man, J. van de Kassteele, … M.J. Knol

Original research article
Non-specific effects of childhood vaccinations – A case control study nested into a Health and Demographic Surveillance System in rural Burkina Faso
Pages 7114–7120
Pfeiffer, A.B. Fisker, E. Nebié, J. Hengelbrock, … O. Müller

Original research article
Determinants of influenza vaccination among high-risk Black and White adults
Pages 7154–7159
Sandra Crouse Quinn, Amelia M. Jamison, Vicki S. Freimuth, Ji An, Gregory R. Hancock

Original research article
Measuring the timeliness of childhood vaccinations: Using cohort data and routine health records to evaluate quality of immunisation services
Pages 7166–7173
Suzanne Walton, Mario Cortina-Borja, Carol Dezateux, Lucy J. Griffiths, … Helen Bedford

Original research article
Potential for a booster dose of rotavirus vaccine to further reduce diarrhea mortality
Pages 7198–7203
Eleanor Burnett, Ben A. Lopman, Umesh D. Parashar