Influenza Vaccination Rates Among Parents and Health Care Personnel in a German Neonatology Department

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(Accessed 6 January 2018)

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Influenza Vaccination Rates Among Parents and Health Care Personnel in a German Neonatology Department
by Horst Buxmann, Anne Daun, Sabine Wicker and Rolf Lambert Schlößer
Vaccines 2018, 6(1), 3; doi:10.3390/vaccines6010003 (registering DOI) – 5 January 2018
The influenza vaccination is recommended for all German pregnant women and health care personnel (HCP). We are the first to publish vaccination rates of mothers of hospitalized newborns and HCP in neonatal units. Between September 2016 and March 2017, data were collected in our level-III neonatology department in this descriptive multidisciplinary study, using an anonymous questionnaire. As a result, 513 persons were asked to participate, including 330 parents and 183 HCP. We received an 80.3% (412/513) response rate, 87.3% (288/330), and 67.8% (124/183) from parents and HCP, respectively. Ten percent (16/160) of mothers and 4.7% (6/127) of fathers had been vaccinated in 2016–2017 and 54.4% (87/160) mothers and 52.2% (66/127) fathers ever in their lifetime. In 2016–2017, 51.2% (21/41) of physicians had been vaccinated, 25.5% (14/55) of nurses, and 50.0% (14/28) of other staff members. When comparing those who had more than five influenza vaccinations in their life time, physicians were at 43.9% (18/41) versus nurses at 10.9% (6/55) (p < 0.01), and other HCP at 7.4% (2/27) (p < 0.01). The influenza vaccine uptake rate of 10% in mothers of hospitalized neonates is disappointingly low, resulting in 90% of hospitalized neonates being potentially vulnerable to influenza infection at a time where the risk for influenza-related complication can be severe