Vaccine Volume 36, Issue 1 Pages 1-190 (2 January 2018)

Volume 36, Issue 1 Pages 1-190 (2 January 2018)

Measles and rubella eradication
Pages 1-3  Alan R. Hinman

Status and progress of hepatitis B control through vaccination in the South-East Asia Region, 1992–2015
Review article
Pages 6-14
Lana Childs, Sigrun Roesel, Rania A. Tohme

Parental perceptions, attitudes and acceptance of childhood immunization in Saudi Arabia: A cross sectional study
Original research article
Pages 23-28
Thamir M. Alshammari, Gehad M. Subaiea, Talib Hussain, Afrasim Moin, Kazeem B. Yusuff

Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of private sector immunization service providers in Gujarat, India
Original research article
Pages 36-42
José E. Hagan, Narayan Gaonkar, Vikas Doshi, Anas Patni, … Margaret Watkins

Immunization effects of a communication intervention to promote preteen HPV vaccination in primary care practices
Original research article
Pages 122-127
Joan R. Cates, Jamie L. Crandell, Sandra J. Diehl, Tamera Coyne-Beasley

Impact of measles supplementary immunization activities on reaching children missed by routine programs
Open access – Original research article
Pages 170-178
Allison Portnoy, Mark Jit, Stéphane Helleringer, Stéphane Verguet