Media/Policy Watch

Media/Policy Watch

This watch section is intended to alert readers to substantive news, analysis and opinion from the general media and selected think tanks and similar organizations on vaccines, immunization, global public health and related themes. Media Watch is not intended to be exhaustive, but indicative of themes and issues CVEP is actively tracking. This section will grow from an initial base of newspapers, magazines and blog sources, and is segregated from Journal Watch above which scans the peer-reviewed journal ecology.

We acknowledge the Western/Northern bias in this initial selection of titles and invite suggestions for expanded coverage. We are conservative in our outlook in adding news sources which largely report on primary content we are already covering above. Many electronic media sources have tiered, fee-based subscription models for access. We will provide full-text where content is published without restriction, but most publications require registration and some subscription level.

Accessed 27 January 2018
Here Are 2 Possible Steps Toward A Universal Flu Vaccine
24 Jan 2018
Bruce Y. Lee, Contributor
This year’s harsher flu season is a not-so-gentle reminder that we really, really need a universal flu vaccine, a vaccine that works against all influenza viruses. Are newly published studies in the journal Science and in the journal Nature Communications significant steps?
The Guardian
Accessed 27 January 2018
Brazil yellow fever crisis: dozens dead as São Paulo closes city …
24 Jan 2018
… São Paulo closed its zoo and botanical gardens Tuesday as a yellow fever outbreak that has led to 70 deaths is picking up steam. The big Inhotim art park, which attracts visitors from all over the world, also announced that all visitors would have to show proof of vaccination to be allowed in…
The anti-vaxxers have a new target in their sights – pets | Life and …
24 Jan 2018
… A growing movement of animal anti-vaccine advocates claim that immunising cats and dogs can cause a range of diseases and disorders – including autism.
New York Times
Accessed 27 January 2018
Killing of Mother-Daughter Team Shakes Polio Fighters in Pakistan
The country had just eight polio cases last year. The murder of a 38-year-old woman and her 16-year-old daughter won’t derail vaccinations, a leader says.
January 22, 2018 – By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr –

New UNICEF Chief to Engage Private Sector to Help Children
19 January 2018  By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

The new leader of UNICEF says the children’s agency is taking a new approach in 2018 by engaging with private companies to help prepare young people for productive lives.
In an interview with The Associated Press, executive director Henrietta Holsman Fore said she plans to draw on her experience in the business and development worlds. The American was the first woman to lead the U.S. Agency for International Development and was CEO of Holsman International, an investment and management firm….
Times of India
Accessed 27 January 2018
India: Vaccines from Chengalpet complex will meet three-fourths of country’s requirements, minister says
25 January 2018
Work on the Integrated Vaccine Complex — a nodal centre for manufacture and research of vaccines — in Chengalpet is complete and it will be dedicated to the nation soon, Tamil Nadu health minister C Vijaya Baskar said on Thursday. The complex will supply vaccines at affordable prices for the centre’s Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP). The vaccines manufactured from here would meet three-fourths of the country’s requirements, particularly for infants and women, the minister said. The centre will produce over 500 million doses of pentavalent combination (DPT plus Hep B plus Hib), BCG and other vaccines, the minister said.
Wall Street Journal,us&_homepage=/home/us
Accessed 27 January 2018
U.S.Schools Close as Flu Epidemic Spreads
By Sarah Toy, Tawnell D. Hobbs
Schools in at least 11 states have closed as the worst flu epidemic in nearly a decade intensifies