WHO & Regional Offices [to 27 January 2018]

WHO & Regional Offices [to 27 January 2018]

142nd session of the WHO Executive Board
19 January 2018 – Next week the WHO Executive Board will set the agenda for the World Health Assembly, and determine how to best promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable. The session takes place on
22–27 January 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland, and will be webcast live.
:: Provisional agenda
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World Leprosy Day: ending transmission among children
26 January 2018 – National programmes must boost active case-finding, strengthen surveillance, improve contact-tracing and focus more on early detection of leprosy cases among children to ensure achievement of the global target of zero child infections by 2020. This call comes as the world observers World Leprosy Day on Sunday, 28 January.
Weekly Epidemiological Record, 26 January 2018, vol. 93, 04/05 (pp. 33–44)
:: Meeting of the International Task Force for Disease Eradication, October 2017
:: Fact sheet on tuberculosis (updated January 2018)

WHO Regional Offices
Selected Press Releases, Announcements
WHO African Region AFRO
:: WHO promotes one-health approach to enhance response to zoonoses in South Sudan
25 January 2018
:: Nigeria set to vaccinate 25 million people, its biggest yellow fever campaign ever – Copy
24 January 2018
:: WHO prioritizes water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services in health care facilities to achieve health goals in South Sudan  24 January 2018
:: Government of Uganda confirms outbreak of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic and Rift Valley fevers  24 January 2018
:: Antimicrobial Consumption Monitoring in Mauritius  23 January 2018
:: Strengthening rational use of Medicines in Tanzania  23 January 2018
:: The United Nations in Zambia, CDC and DFID commend government’s initiative of setting up an efficient cholera treatment hospital and for scaling up preventive interventions in the community 22 January 2018

WHO Region of the Americas PAHO
:: 2017 in review: 10 key public health events in the Americas (12/20/2017)

WHO South-East Asia Region SEARO
:: Nearly half a million children being vaccinated against diphtheria in Cox’s Bazar  14 January 2018
WHO European Region EURO
::  Understanding and addressing the mental health needs of adolescents 26-01-2018
:: Cross-sectoral toolkit to guide Member States along SDG roadmap 25-01-2018

WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region EMRO
:: New tool supports systematic use of research evidence for public health decision-making
Cairo, 25 January 2018 – As a result of collaborative work between WHO and several academic institutions, a tool has been developed to streamline use of qualitative research evidence in public health decision-making. A series of academic papers published in the Implementation Science journal this week provides a scientific tool for assessing how much confidence to place in findings from qualitative evidence syntheses. The tool known as CERQual has been designed to help decision-makers use qualitative evidence for decisions and policies about health care and social welfare
:: WHO responds to humanitarian needs in Tripoli with the support of ECHO  22 January 2018

WHO Western Pacific Region
:: Healthy Islands: South Pacific Tourism Organisation and WHO forge new partnership
SUVA, Fiji, 17 January 2018 – The World Health Organization and the South Pacific Tourism Organisation join forces to promote healthy tourism in the Pacific. Through a new partnership, the organizations commit to promoting the health and well-being of tourists and the tourism workforce by establishing smoke-free public places, increasing access to healthy local food options and physical activities and improving accessibility for persons with disabilities in the tourism sector.