CDC/ACIP [to 10 February 2018]

CDC/ACIP [to 10 February 2018]
Friday, February 9, 2018
CDC update on widespread flu activity – Transcript
ANNE SCHUCHAT: Good morning – and thank you for joining us. We were hoping to have better news to share today, but unfortunately, it looks like this flu season continues to be particularly challenging. Our latest tracking data indicate that influenza activity is still on the rise overall. In fact, we may be on track to beat some recent records. Before getting into the specifics, I just want to recognize that we know this issue is personal to so many Americans, and that there is a lot of fear and alarm about this flu season. There have been far too many heart-wrenching stories in recent weeks about families who have lost loved ones to influenza.

And unfortunately, this week’s report reveals more somber news, with an additional 10 flu-related pediatric deaths for this season. That means we have now received reports for 63 children who have died of the flu so far this season. I also know many of you are asking how this season compares to previous ones and how much longer it will go on. But flu is incredibly difficult to predict, and we don’t know if we’ve hit the peak yet. In the past five seasons, influenza-like Illness has been elevated for between 11 and 20 weeks, and we’re only at week 11 now, so we could potentially see several more weeks of activity.

Here’s what we can tell you, based on the latest data. Levels of influenza-like-illness across the country are now as high as we observed at the peak of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. This doesn’t mean that we are having a pandemic, just that levels of influenza-like-illness are as high as what we saw during the peak of H1N1. That’s a signal of how very intense this flu season has been. And let me remind you that the influenza like illness measure is based on outpatient visits and emergency department visits. In addition, overall hospitalizations are now significantly higher than what we’ve seen for this time of year since our current tracking system began almost a decade ago in 2010 and the rate is approaching the final rate of hospitalizations that we observed at the end of the active 2014-2015 flu season…

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