From Google Scholar & other sources: Selected Journal Articles, Newsletters, Dissertations, Theses, Commentary

From Google Scholar & other sources: Selected Journal Articles, Newsletters, Dissertations, Theses, Commentary
Oman Medical Journal
Volume 33 Issue 4 (Jul 2018)
Original Articles
A snapshot of Influenza surveillance, vaccine recommendations, and vaccine access, drivers, and barriers in selected middle Eastern and North African countries
S Al Awaidy, A Althaqafi, G Dbaibo – Oman Medical Journal, 2018
Objectives: Influenza is a vaccine-preventable acute respiratory viral infection that causes epidemics annually around the globe. A regional influenza stakeholder network (MENA-ISN) comprised of experts assessed the status of influenza prevention and control using a structured survey.
Methods: A survey questionnaire was used to obtain information from each participating country on surveillance system, the burden of disease, influenza vaccination programs, recommendations, funding and access for vaccine and vaccination, target rate, coverage rate monitoring, and drivers and barriers to influenza vaccination.
Results: Out of the 10 countries that participated, nine had an influenza surveillance system and vaccination policy, and seven had World Health Organization (WHO) accredited reference laboratory. Three countries had burden of disease data available and eight had a reimbursement vaccine policy. Influenza vaccine was available in five countries through the Ministry of Health whereas in others, pharmacies also dispensed for the private sector. In all countries, prescribers were physicians, and vaccinators, which could be physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. Eight countries had a set vaccination target rate and only three monitored the influenza coverage rates. Drivers and barriers of vaccination were similar in all countries.
Conclusions: Despite existing policies, influenza vaccination coverage remains far below the WHO recommendations. Increased awareness and effective implementation of policies with collaboration of stakeholders can help increase the rates to reach WHO targets.
Book: HIV Vaccines and Cure: The Path Towards Finding an Effective Cure and Vaccine
Linqi Zhang, Sharon R. Lewin
Springer, Jul 20, 2018 – 318 pages
This book provides a comprehensive review of the major barriers to HIV cure and vaccine. It covers the fundamental virology and immunology leading to HIV transmission, protection from infection and long term HIV persistence on antiretroviral therapy. In addition, strategies being tested to eliminate persistent HIV and the rational design of vaccines to induce protective immunity are covered. This book also discusses the challenges related to the design of clinical trials for testing the safety and efficacy of these innovative approaches. This book will provide a systematic overview and also discuss controversial issues for researchers in virology and immunology, as well as practicing physicians, and scientists in the pharmaceutical industry.