Next Generation Cancer Vaccines—Make It Personal!

Vaccines — Open Access Journal
(Accessed 18 Aug 2018)

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Next Generation Cancer Vaccines—Make It Personal!
by Angelika Terbuch and Juanita Lopez
Vaccines 2018, 6(3), 52; – 9 August 2018
Dramatic success in cancer immunotherapy has been achieved over the last decade with the introduction of checkpoint inhibitors, leading to response rates higher than with chemotherapy in certain cancer types. These responses are often restricted to cancers that have a high mutational burden and show pre-existing T-cell infiltrates. Despite extensive efforts, therapeutic vaccines have been mostly unsuccessful in the clinic. With the introduction of next generation sequencing, the identification of individual mutations is possible, enabling the production of personalized cancer vaccines. Combining immune check point inhibitors to overcome the immunosuppressive microenvironment and personalized cancer vaccines for directing the host immune system against the chosen antigens might be a promising treatment strategy.