WHO & Regional Offices [to 23 Mar 2019]

WHO & Regional Offices [to 23 Mar 2019]

20 March 2019   News Release
New WHO recommendations to accelerate progress on TB
WHO has issued new guidance to improve treatment of multidrug resistant TB (MDR-TB). WHO is recommending shifting to fully oral regimens to treat people with MDR-TB. This new treatment course is more effective and is less likely to provoke adverse side effects. WHO recommends backing up treatment with active monitoring of drug safety and providing counselling support to help patients complete their course of treatment.
The recommendations are part of a larger package of actions designed to help countries increase the pace of progress to end tuberculosis (TB) and released in advance of World TB Day…

19 March 2019
Launch of forum with partners to discuss the future decade of immunization  
Global health partners are in Geneva this week, at a 3-day meeting co-organized by WHO to co-develop a new vision and strategy for vaccines and immunization covering the period 2021-2030.
“WHO is very pleased to be leading this effort in partnership with all stakeholders, working towards creating a new vision and strategy for immunization,” said Dr Peter Salama, Executive Director, Universal Health Coverage/Life Course.
[See Milestones above for detail]


19 March 2019  News Release
WHO expert panel paves way for strong international governance on human genome editing
The World Health Organization’s new advisory committee on developing global standards for governance and oversight of human genome editing has agreed to work towards a strong international governance framework in this area.

“Gene editing holds incredible promise for health, but it also poses some risks, both ethically and medically. This committee is a perfect example of WHO’s leadership, by bringing together some of the world’s leading experts to provide guidance on this complex issue. I am grateful to each member of the Expert Advisory Committee for their time and expertise.” says Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General.

Over the past two days, the committee of experts reviewed the current state of science and technology. They also agreed core principles of transparency, inclusivity and responsibility that underpin the Committee’s current recommendations. The committee agreed that it is irresponsible at this time for anyone to proceed with clinical applications of human germline genome editing…


Weekly Epidemiological Record, 22 March 2019, vol. 94, 12 (pp. 141–160)
:: Recommended composition of influenza virus vaccines for use in the 2019–2020 northern hemisphere influenza season
:: Antigenic and genetic characteristics of zoonotic influenza viruses and development of candidate vaccine viruses for pandemic preparedness


WHO Regional Offices
Selected Press Releases, Announcements
WHO African Region AFRO
:: WHO engages over 12,000 community informants fast-track efforts in finding ‘missing TB cases’ in Nigeria
23 March 2019
:: Immunization experts agree on ways to reach more children with life-saving vaccines
22 March 2019  Immunization experts from East and Southern African countries concluded their annual EPI Managers Meeting on Wednesday here in Asmara, with participants agreeing on 20 recommendations aimed at reaching more children with life-saving vaccines and accelerating implementation of the Addis Declaration on Immunization to attain universal health coverage.
:: Nigeria consolidates efforts to curtail vaccine hesitancy  21 March 2019
:: WHO sending urgent health assistance after Cyclone Idai displaces thousands of people in Southern Africa  20 March 2019
:: Ethiopia sets to strengthen its capacity to detect, prevent and respond to public health emergencies  19 March 2019
:: WHO and partners assess and respond to the health needs of over 5000 internally displaced population in Dulamaya, South Sudan  19 March 2019
:: AFRO Regional Director Dr Moeti urges EPI managers to strengthen immunization through accelerated implementation of Addis Declaration on Immunization in ESA countries  18 March 2019

WHO Region of the Americas PAHO
:: Countries of the Americas can end tuberculosis by 2030 if actions to achieve this goal are accelerated (03/21/2019)

WHO South-East Asia Region SEARO
– No new digest announcements identified.

WHO European Region EURO
:: Drug resistant strains could become the dominant form of TB in Europe: it’s time to end TB
:: Marking World Down Syndrome Day in Azerbaijan with an inspiring story 21-03-2019
:: Ensuring safe drinking-water – highlighting water safety plans in Tajikistan on World Water Day 21-03-2019
:: WHO Europe/ECDC joint press release: Every hour 30 people are diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) in the European Region. It’s time to make TB a disease of the past 19-03-2019

WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region EMRO
:: Aynaa’s story: treating severe acute malnutrition in Syria  21 March 2019
:: Sudan set to protect over 8 million people with its largest ever yellow fever vaccination drive
20 March 2019
:: WHO appeals for US$ 5.3 million to respond to trauma and emergency care needs in Gaza
18 March 2019

WHO Western Pacific Region
– No new digest announcements identified.