Africa CDC   [to 26 Oct 2019]

Africa CDC   [to 26 Oct 2019]

JOINT PRESS RELEASE BETWEEN WHO AND AFRICA CDC : Ten African countries endorse cross-border collaboration framework on Ebola outbreak preparedness and response
Goma, DRC, 21 October 2019 –
The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its nine neighbouring countries today, during a meeting of ministers, senior health and immigration officials and partners in Goma, endorsed a joint framework to strengthen cross-border collaboration on preparedness and response to Ebola virus and other disease outbreaks.

Representatives of the 10 countries – Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania and Zambia – noted with concern the Ebola outbreak in north-eastern DRC, which has continued for more than one year, and the increasing potential to spread into the neighbouring countries. They recognized the shared threat that the outbreak poses to health and economic security in the subregion and other parts of Africa and the need to develop an action plan to mitigate the effects of these threats.

“Resources are always limited, and there are always gaps in emergency contingency plans. Setting up a mechanism for cross-border collaboration and the sharing of assets will contribute to the mitigation of suffering and minimize the social and economic impact of disease outbreaks,” said H.E. Amira Elfadil Mohammed, African Union Commissioner for Social Affairs…


21 October 2019
…Collectively, we resolve to:

  1. Undertake actions to facilitate cooperation and collaboration between the Member States of Angola, Burundi, Central Africa Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia for EVD preparedness and response, including:
    1. Cross-border EVD case and laboratory surveillance;
    2. Cross-border tracing and monitoring of contacts;
    3. Workforce capacity development, including joint training, exchange learning and benchmarking visits, and simulation exercises;
    4. Prompt communication of epidemiological and laboratory surveillance data and other relevant reports;
    5. Timely sharing information on potential security threats and other security issues occurring in areas affected by outbreaks;
    6. Sharing of technical expertise and other resources and assets necessary for EVD preparedness and control;
    7. Cross-border joint planning and implementation of EVD preparedness and response activities, including risk communication and community engagement campaigns;
    8. Movement of people across national borders in accordance with the International Health Regulations; and
    9. Legal and regulatory processes and logistics planning for rapid cross-border deployment and receipt of public health experts and medical personnel for EVD response.
  1. Establish the Africa Ebola Coordination Task Force (AfECT), hosted at the African Union secretariat in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, under the leadership of the Member States with support from the Africa CDC, WHO and other relevant partners to support the cooperation and collaboration described above. Whilst AfECT maintains political oversight through AU institutional arrangements, technical support would be facilitated through the WHO sub-regional technical coordination platforms in collaboration with the Africa CDC.
  1. Exchange information in a timely manner on matters of common interest as deemed appropriate for preparedness and response, while acknowledging that withholding of, or falsification of, EVD data and information violates the IHR and threatens peace, security, and prosperity of the affected Member States and the entire region…