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COVID-19 Vaccines :: Procurement/Distribution/Logistics

Moderna Announces the European Commission’s Approval of Advance Purchase Agreement for Initial 80 Million Doses of mRNA Vaccine Against COVID-19 (mRNA-1273)
Option granted to European Commission to purchase up to an additional 80 million doses
Agreement reflects Moderna’s commitment to make its vaccine available in multiple countries

November 25, 2020
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Moderna, Inc., (Nasdaq: MRNA) a biotechnology company pioneering messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics and vaccines to create a new generation of transformative medicines for patients, today announced that the European Commission has approved an agreement to secure 80 million doses of mRNA-1273, Moderna’s vaccine candidate against COVID-19, as part of the European Commission’s goal to secure access to a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine for Europe.
Under the terms of the proposed agreement, the European Commission has the option to increase their purchase of mRNA-1273, from 80 million doses to a total of up to 160 million doses. The agreement will be finalized following a brief review period by the European Union Member States. This announcement follows the conclusion of advanced exploratory talks with the European Commission that began on August 24, 2020. Delivery of the vaccine could begin as early as the first quarter 2021 if it is approved for use by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) human medicines committee (CHMP), which started a rolling review of mRNA-1273 on November 17…


COVAXX Announces $2.8 Billion in Advance Purchase Commitments to Deliver More Than 140 Million Vaccine Doses to Emerging Countries
:: COVAXX’s UB-612 is the only multitope, synthetic peptide-based vaccine candidate in the clinic
:: Company’s manufacturing facilities in place to produce 100 million doses in 1H 2021 and up to 1 billion by YE 2021
:: UB-612 distribution utilizes normal refrigeration (no freezing required)
:: Company partnered with Maersk for worldwide shipping and logistics
:: Phase 2/3 clinical trials to begin end of 2020/1Q 2021 in Asia, Latin America, and U.S.

November 25, 2020
HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–COVAXX, a U.S. company developing a multitope peptide-based vaccine to fight COVID-19, announces advanced purchase commitments of more than 140 million doses of its UB-612 vaccine, totaling over $2.8 billion, to deliver vaccines in multiple countries, including Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. These public and private commitments follow the start of human trials in Taiwan and the September agreement with Diagnosticos da America SA (Dasa S.A.), the largest clinical diagnostic company in Brazil, to conduct Phase 2/3 clinical trials and distribute vaccines within Brazil.

“In parallel with the expedited clinical development of UB-612, we are working to help countries with the greatest unmet needs customize their plans for vaccine studies, supply and distribution,” said Mei Mei Hu, co-founder and CEO of COVAXX. “The realistic view of vaccine production is that we will need a wide range of vaccine options utilizing different technologies to meet worldwide demand. As much as vaccines matter, vaccinations matter more. To be administered effectively, vaccines need to demonstrate easy and affordable distribution, durability of response with the capability to further extend it with effective boosts, as well as the ability to adapt to a potential mutation in the virus while building on the first vaccines made available.”

COVAXX (not to be confused with single “x” COVAX) is currently completing Phase 1 clinical trials of UB-612 in Taiwan and has an agreement with the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), home of the National Pandemic Center, to also conduct trials in the U.S. Last month, COVAXX announced a global logistics partnership with Maersk, the world’s largest shipping and integrated logistics provider, that creates a framework for all transportation and supply chain services that will be needed to deliver COVAXX’s UB-612 around the world…


COVAX Update: UNICEF working with global airlines and freight providers to plan delivery of COVID-19 vaccines
UNICEF kickstarts discussions with over 350 logistics organizations to step up delivery plans for eventual COVID-19 vaccines

NEW YORK, 23 November 2020: UNICEF is working with major global airlines and freight providers to step up efforts to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to over 92 countries around the world as soon as vaccines become available.

To kickstart preparations, UNICEF together with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), briefed major global airlines last week on the expected capacity requirements and discussed ways to transport close to 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines in 2021. This is in addition to the 1 billion syringes that need to be transported by sea-freight. 

This virtual meeting comes close on the heels of the first-ever logistics event held virtually by UNICEF to discuss the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines. The landmark discussion brought together more than 350 logistics partners, including air freight operators, shipping lines and global logistics associations.

“As work continues to develop COVID-19 vaccines, UNICEF is stepping-up efforts with airlines, freight operators, shipping lines and other logistics associations to deliver life-saving vaccines as quickly and safely as possible,” said Etleva Kadilli, Director of UNICEF’s Supply Division. “This invaluable collaboration will go a long way to ensure that enough transport capacity is in place for this historic and mammoth operation. We need all hands on deck as we get ready to deliver COVID-19 vaccine doses, syringes and more personal protective equipment to protect front line workers around the globe. By protecting these workers, we are ultimately protecting the millions of children who depend on their critical services.”

In the coming weeks, UNICEF is also assessing existing transport capacity to identify gaps and future requirements. The procurement, delivery and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is anticipated to be the largest and fastest such operation ever undertaken. UNICEF is leading efforts to procure and deliver vaccines from manufacturers that have agreements with the COVAX Facility.  In collaboration with PAHO, UNICEF will coordinate the purchase and delivery for 92 low- and lower middle-income economies as quickly and securely as possible.

These efforts build on UNICEF’s longstanding efforts with the logistics industry to transport supplies around the world despite restrictions related to the pandemic. Since January, UNICEF has delivered more than US$190 million worth of COVID-19 supplies such as masks, gowns, oxygen concentrators and diagnostic test kits in support of countries as they respond to the pandemic.

As the largest single vaccine buyer in the world, UNICEF normally procures more than 2 billion doses of vaccines annually for routine immunization and outbreak response on behalf of nearly 100 countries. This unparalleled expertise includes the coordination of thousands of shipments with various cold chain requirements, making UNICEF an expert in supply chain management of temperature-controlled products, which is especially needed during this historic undertaking. To minimise disruptions to routine immunization programmes due to the operations related to the COVID-19 vaccines and syringes, UNICEF and partners will continue to coordinate closely with logistics operators for timely delivery around the world.

“The support of governments, partners and the private sector will be paramount to transport vaccines for deadly diseases such as measles, diphtheria and tetanus, as well as for COVID-19, as efficiently as possible,” Kadilli said.

Last month, UNICEF began a process to stockpile more than 1 billion syringes by 2021 to guarantee initial supply and pre-position in advance of COVID-19 vaccines.