Pharmacogene Variation Consortium: A Global Resource and Repository for Pharmacogene Variation

Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Volume 110, Issue 3 Pages: 519-825 September 2021


Pharmacogene Variation Consortium: A Global Resource and Repository for Pharmacogene Variation
Andrea Gaedigk, Scott T. Casey, Michelle Whirl-Carrillo, Neil A. Miller, Teri E. Klein
Pages: 542-545
First Published:06 June 2021
… In this Perspective, we have briefly summarized the more recent origins and advances in the field of biologic pharmacogenetics under the academic discipline of vaccinomics. Although many advances have been made and are slowly being incorporated into how industry and biotechnology develops novel vaccine candidates, much more needs to be done. Interest in personalized applications of vaccines and drugs is evident; as one example, consider the tremendous rise in the demand for direct-to-consumer genetic testing. This interest will further accelerate as genetic-based testing becomes cheaper and offers more in-depth information. For example, our own work with the measles virus has uncovered SNPs in the CD46 and IFI44L genes that are associated with a substantial reduction in neutralizing antibody response to measles vaccine.18 Such findings allow the potential for reverse engineering a vaccine that can overcome such a barrier. Understanding why certain individuals are predisposed to specific AEs and which vaccines have a higher risk of eliciting those AEs will allow healthcare providers to match the right vaccine to the right recipient in order to minimize risks and maximize benefits…