Navigating the ethics of remote research data collection

Clinical Trials
Volume 18 Issue 5, October 2021

Navigating the ethics of remote research data collection
Luke Gelinas, Walker Morrell, Sarah A White, Barbara E Bierer
First Published July 7, 2021; pp. 606–614
COVID-19 has accelerated broad trends already in place toward remote research data collection and monitoring. This move implicates novel ethical and regulatory challenges which have not yet received due attention. Existing work is preliminary and does not seek to identify or grapple with the issues in a rigorous and sophisticated way. Here, we provide a framework for identifying and addressing challenges that we believe can help the research community realize the benefits of remote technologies while preserving ethical ideals and public trust. We organize issues into several distinct categories and provide points to consider in a table that can help facilitate ethical design and review of research studies using remote health instruments.